Prodigy live @ Spain

Started by DENOX, January 11, 2002, 02:32:29 AM

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Haven't seen any of those ever to be honest, but there might very well be some of them somewhere. Never pressed on silver for as far as I know, only on CDR I would say then or on other formats.

And now that we are talking about concerts we are after, I am looking for their gig at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam in 1998. I've been there and I would very much like it on CDR. Someone?


I was at the tenerife gig on 12 june 1998! I got the ticket. ;D ;D
ah! finally I got my copy of xls 26cd!! :D


That'll be Everybody In The Place then yeh?


That'll be Everybody In The Place then yeh?

The 5-track to be precise which includes Rip Up The Sound System. It was withdrawn after one or two weeks after it's release. I thought it was one week...


Cool.  Wot's it look like?  Is it same cover as the 4 track one?
Rip Up The Soundsystem has been gettin slagged on here quite alot, but I think it's a superb tune - a bit like We Are The Ruffest and Crazy Man kind of.


Is it same cover as the 4 track one?

The release of the 5 track EITP had a white logo and did the one with 4 tracks and on the 1996 re-issue the logo was blue!

Hope that clears things up?


i was at the valencia gig... very strange. not much atmosphere, until keith walked into the crowd and ended up kissing a blond girl who he then took backstage!
then it rocked


was that the gig martin, or dressing room with keith fucking the blonde.

i'll bet he didn't get much chance to "breathe the pressure,"
whilst drinking from the furry cup, ha ha!!!

pauly b

keep on smilin'

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