The Prodigy 30 pcs sticker set

Huge set of The Prodigy stickers. 15 different designs (2 of each) and total of 30 stickers. Sticker sizes vary from 7 cm to 3,5 cm. Order here >


Started by PoisoN, October 04, 2001, 11:51:37 AM

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 8) Does anybody know where can I buy Rage against The Machine first time with prodigy live bootleg?  8)


Rage and Prodigy live together?
                     INFORMATIONS PLEASE!!!!!!
liberty and justice for all


It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?


You gotta be kidding me. It seems awsome.
Find it somewhere please!!
And put it on the your site so that we can download it..
liberty and justice for all


You can listen to it at the Mindblowing Prodigy Network. It is being linked through my Links section at

But it is not Prodigy together with Rage Against The Machine. It was a gig which RATM did in Japan or something and for a final tune Keith Flint 'sings' along, that's all.


Hey it looks like the "sounds" link in the mindblowing prodigy network is down. was this where the sound files used to be? and if so does anyone know of another place to get them?

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