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Equipment / Re: Best drum machine????
August 12, 2002, 02:03:51 PM
Nice one man,

thats pretty helpfull....

the kind of sound im swaying towords is that RAW sound...nothing to phat and basey...just raw snairs and kicks

I probably will eventually purchase the tr-909 eventually...I think kid 606 uses that....and his sound is pretty unique..that swinging chaotic electro sound...on the lines of the warp radioactiveman and squarepusher.

But ill probably start off on the MPC.....Its supposes to be pretty simple to use as well.....kind of like a drum machine for dummys *ME*

Gonna cost big bucks......ill have to go to the nearest sperm bank.... sell my boys for a few shillings.  ;)

nice one.

Equipment / Best drum machine????
August 09, 2002, 01:11:36 PM
thinking about getting an AKAI MPC 2000, what do yiss reckon?

Its gonna set me back about 1K so I have to choose carefully.
the opening track track is just richard fooling about...taking the piss out of hip hop...sounds wicked

Off Topic / Re: Top part tune at the moment
May 21, 2002, 08:15:50 PM
hey I know eminems toons are all about his lyrical content, but to me it just sound like purple hills, cant say im the biggest eminem fan
Off Topic / Re: Top part tune at the moment
May 13, 2002, 03:51:22 PM
yep thats the one arie, has a latino hook in it, its very nice indeed......lately im starting to sway back into drum N bass mode
Off Topic / Top part tune at the moment
May 13, 2002, 02:41:56 PM
Ok any club ive went to over the two months are playing shy Fx's 'shake your body' me personally I luv it.....

whats your Fav party tune?
Off Topic / Re: Creamfields
May 15, 2002, 01:01:22 PM
yeh ive been to creamfields in ireland for the past 2 years
and I wouldnt put my feet near any tent Ohkeeee was playing...he's a disgrace I hes back to making breakbeat music..he trying to do what moby did and cash in on the *commercial* market

Mr okenfold is the god damn devil

Creamfield is cool though, I seen back and outcast last year, Outcast where off the hook, B.O.B is the most slamin track ive heard in years it remind me of autehcre second vilbel..savage.

Since maybe talking about ONLY Prodigy is boring now to some "not me, but, it gets to it" I've decided to talk about Dance, Trance music.

Has anyone been to Creamfields gig? I'm on Kazaa now and I found a file where there is Paul Oakenfold playing live at Creamfields, it's very interesting....the date is (27.08.00) almost two years ago. Has anyone been to that gig? and could you list the songs Paul Oakenfold played? or even if not that show, has anyone EVER been to Creamfileds?
General talking / Re: Favorite Prodigy Track ???
May 21, 2002, 08:53:36 PM
I just continued this in the titan thread :P
General talking / Re: Favorite Prodigy Track ???
May 21, 2002, 07:13:15 PM
hey ekko have you heard the version of Titan the gets played at the start of the dvd, christ I love it, it only go's for about 53 secs but christ its a doooze, its heavier than the version of titan that was on the net...its more beat driven but more with a jilted influence...its well nice...if you havnt heard it let me you are a man of good taste
General talking / Re: Favorite Prodigy Track ???
May 21, 2002, 07:12:48 PM
I'd mix three tracks to one song, so it's not so hard:
Climbatize and Break & Enter and Titan
hey this is a real tuffy for me, so many tunes I adore


1.Building steam on a grain of salt - dj shadow takes 2 - Rob Base & EZ rock
3.crosstown traffic - Jimi hendrix  
4.step on - happy mondays of life - Leftfield  
6.chime - Orbital  
7.Fools gold - Stone roses
8.Back by dope demand - king bee
9.Impact - orbital
10 Once in a lifetime - Talking heads

In no particular order.....but my top 10 could easily change from day to day...ive left out so much public enemy, UMC's, RATM, THE BEASTIE much
Smack My Bitch Up - 9/10
Breathe - 07/10
Diesel Power - 08/10
Funky Shit - 09/10
Serial Thrilla - 02/10
Mindfields - 06/10
Narayan - 09/10
Firestarter - 08/10
Climbatize - 09/10
Fuel My Fire - 01/10

jilted burns FOTL
General talking / Re: Altern 8 vs The Prodigy
May 13, 2002, 02:44:23 PM

altern 8 were great!

I got their complete discography as well...

hey nice one, I was well inot altern 8 back in the day, I see their touring again, im going to see them in two weeks time, should be a good larf they have their breakdancers with them as well... ;D
General talking / Re: Liams wedding pics
August 15, 2002, 03:51:56 PM
I seen one, its well funny

I think it was in one of those OK magazines I seen it....

Hes wearing a very nice suite with a chunky pair of trainers

Seems like the BBOY in liam isnt dead.
General talking / Re: critisism
May 16, 2002, 07:05:17 PM

It was like the typical morning pee pee, you get up, completely tired and when you stand in front of that bowl and hear the two liquids clashing against each other... man, that's wisdom!

Man thats some funny material, I hear yeh tho


I heard that tune so often, I didn't get fed up with it. There are only some parts in the track which are a bit unfitting but charming.

I can remember I got jilted the day of it release, I was so excited....when I was holding the cd for the first time I was trembling with excitment, as I listened to the intro I was thinking WTF is this? then next of all that distorted beat comes in, I just though oh my dear lord, things will never be the same...after been so use to frantic breaks of the experience era I though the mother ship had landed when I heard B&E, it was sooo aggresive but yet with more purpose than the experience really set the benchmark at the time


We should do a survey, 'which track offers the best beats?'.

Top idea, it would also be interesting to see who actually cares about the prodigy beat, if prodigy fans like to try split the track up, listen to each layer of sound, becuse that what I like to do


Yep, true, which again prooves that this damn old gear definitely kicks more asses than the smooth new digital stuff.
"I like my beats rough"... Kid Koala.

yeh me and my mate was only chatting about this a few nights ago, hes really big into his equipment, and the old Vs new came into the discussion, I think the old stuff came out on top
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