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Equipment / Re: please help me with an editing program
December 14, 2001, 01:57:52 PM
Has anyone got atomix v2? ???
Jus' wondering
Equipment / Re: please help me with an editing program
December 13, 2001, 10:41:10 AM
I have atomixmp3 V1.12 Full Version (not cracked) but i cant remember the site i got it from. Try emailing as he was the one who cracked it.
Off Topic / Re: About Yourself...
December 14, 2001, 01:54:42 PM
11) Ash, Queen, Trance.
12)Mmm, Er, Aliens
13)Wanking (lol)
14)Music production and Dj'ing
15)Meeting my Girlfriend :-*
Keep them coming
Off Topic / Re: About Yourself...
December 14, 2001, 11:12:50 AM
OK then...
7)The First prodigy song you made love to (not with the disk)
8)Interesting fact about yourself
9)Your most embarressing moment
10)<insert joke here>

Mine again
7)3 kilos (it was on a chillout cd)
8)Im a Blue belt in a shaolin style of Kung Fu
9)First time i made love i lasted 2 mins
10)Whats Large, grey and comes in pints? an elephant
Off Topic / About Yourself...
December 13, 2001, 10:47:10 AM
Almost every forum im registered with has a feature like this, so i thought id implement this feature on this forum. So post your...
1)Real Name
4)The first prodigy track you heard (dont lie saying 'android' or 'what evil lurks')
5)Your Favourite Prod album
6)Your Favourite Prod Track

Ill start...
1)Colin Cooper
4)Out of space
6)Their law (live)
General talking / Re: The Prodigy songs you don't like
December 12, 2001, 02:21:45 PM
Some of the remixes on Expanded i dont like (G-Force and weather experiance)
I cant falt any other tracks done by the prodigy. My favourited include...
Weather experiance (Experiance)
Their Law (live)
One Man Army
1)Smack My Bitch Up - (10/10)
2)Breathe - (8/10)
3)Diesel Power - (7/10)
4)Funky Shit- (7/10)
5)Serial Thrilla - (7/10)
6)Mindfields- (8/10)
7)Narayan- (10/10)
8)Firestarter - (9/10)
9)Climatize - (8/10)
10) Fuel My Fire - (10/10)


1) jericho (9/10)
2) music reach (9/10)
3) wind it up (7/10)
4) your love (8/10)
5) hyperspeed (10/10)
6) charly (5/10)
7) out of space (1,000,000,000/10)
8) everybody in the place (9/10)
9)weather experience (10/10)
10) fire (7/10)
11) ruff... (7/10)
12)death of the prodigy dancers (10/10)


1) intro (Mood setter, Nice touch 9/10)
2) break & enter (10/10)
3) their law (9/10)
4)full throttle (9/10)
5) voodoo people (10/10)
6) speedway (9/10)
7)the heat (8/10)
8)poison (7/10)
9)no good (9/10)
10) one love (7/10)
11) 3 kilos (8/10)
12) skylined (8/10)
13) claustrophobic sting (9/10)

General talking / Re: Liam & Nats Child Prodigy
January 21, 2002, 06:02:51 PM

kylie minogue seems to collaborate with on prodigy's new singl in 2007 called "can't get my fecking son out of my dishwasher"
Other than the prodigy i liked N-Trance - Set You Free
General talking / Re: Keiths Vocals
December 12, 2001, 02:45:08 PM
I like the collaberations with Keith and Maxim (Breathe, Trigger etc)
Maxims vocals on their law... OMG
Tracks / Re: Hyperspeed
January 21, 2002, 06:12:59 PM
If you thought that was funny i thought that on Music reach it was saying Makes you wanna shit, instead of saying Makes you wanna shout.
The Prodigy releases / Re: New Prodigy Logo and image
December 12, 2001, 02:48:36 PM
I like the new image, i think it is an extension of the whole attitude image from the Fat Of The Land era. Anyway lets just wait in anticipation for Alwaysoutnumbered...
The Prodigy releases / Re: The Prodigy ROCKS!
December 12, 2001, 02:54:02 PM
JuGe, is there any chance we can have the new logo/pics to download?
Live & Gigs / Re: Prodigy confirmed for Reading 2002
April 30, 2002, 11:49:49 AM
-------->  ;D <----------

Just sums up my feelings!
Ill see you all down there.
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