E-MU Proteus 3 World Ethnic Sound module

E-MU Proteus 3 World Ethnic Sound module

The Proteus/3 is based on the same architecture as the previous Proteus models but with a different set of waveforms. It contains 4MB of ethnic “World” instruments including Celtic harps, tablas, tamburas, banjos, didgeridoos, bagpipes, shofars, flutes, and much more.

Preset Library
E-MU also created additional presets for the Proteus/3 in SysEx format and delivered on floppy. Each volume consisted of a bank with 64 presets.

Protologic board with 4MB ROM by InVision Interactive.

Technical Specifications
ROM Size: 4MB
Sample Rate/Bitrate: 39kHz 16-bit
Presets: 192 (64 RAM, 128 ROM)
Instruments: 211
Polyphony: 32 Voices
MIDI Channels: 16
Filters: No
FX: No
MIDI Ports: 3
Audio Outs: 6
Digital Outs: No


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