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E-MU Orbit 9090

E-MU Orbit 9090

The Orbit is a techno and dance oriented sound module featuring deep pulsating basses, ambient melodic pads, cutting edge percussion and drums, dance oriented synths, massive effects and synths, including sounds from the Roland TB-303, Juno, Casio CZ-101, and TR-909.

Technical Specifications
ROM Size: 8MB
Sample Rate/Bitrate: 39kHz 16-bit
Presets: 512 (256 RAM, 256 ROM)
Instruments: 384
Polyphony: 32 Voices
MIDI Channels: 16
Filters: 17 Z-Plane
FX: No
MIDI Ports: 3
Audio Outs: 6
Digital Outs: No

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