Akai DR8 Digital Multi Track Recorder

Akai DR8 Digital Multi Track Recorder

The Akai DR8 is a digital multi-track recorder that was produced by the Japanese company Akai Professional in the late 90s. It was designed as a professional-grade recorder for musicians and studios, and it was known for its high-quality sound and ease of use.

The DR8 is a rack-mountable unit that features eight tracks of simultaneous recording and playback, as well as a built-in CD-RW drive for data storage. It also has a variety of inputs and outputs, including MIDI, S/PDIF, and AES/EBU, which allows it to be used with a wide range of instruments and devices.

One of the standout features of the DR8 is its high-quality sound. The recorder uses 24-bit/96kHz digital audio processing and it has a dynamic range of over 100 dB, which ensures that recordings are clear and accurate. Additionally, the DR8 has a built-in noise reduction system, which minimizes background noise and improves the overall sound quality of recordings.

The DR8 also includes a variety of advanced features that make it ideal for professional use. It has a built-in time-stretch and pitch-shifting capabilities, which allows users to adjust the tempo and pitch of their recordings without affecting the overall sound quality. Additionally, the DR8 has a built-in effects processor, which includes a variety of reverb, delay, and modulation effects.

The DR8 also has a built-in automation system, which allows users to automate various parameters of their recordings, such as volume, panning, and effects. This feature makes it easy to create complex mixes and add dynamic elements to recordings.

The DR8 also includes a variety of editing and arrangement tools, which makes it easy to manipulate and arrange recordings. It has a built-in editing software that allows users to trim and edit their recordings, as well as a built-in MIDI sequencer, which allows users to create complex MIDI compositions.

The Akai DR8 was a popular choice for professional recording studios, it was known for its high-quality sound and ease of use. Even though it is not in production anymore, it is still considered a classic and sought-after piece of equipment by many musicians and producers.


Breathe. Liam also uses this in live shows.

More info: Akai Pro homepage

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