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A Tribute To The Prodigy
(March 19th 2002, Hypnotic CLP1190-2)
01. DJ Matthew Grimm & Alan T. - Breathe
02. Haujobb - Smack My Bitch Up
03. Glampire - Serial Thrilla
04. Imperious Rex - Diesel Power
05. Funker Vogt - Narayan
06. DKay.com - Firestarter
07. Razed In Black - Poison
08. Mentello & The Fixer - Jericho
09. Mindless Faith - Voodoo People
10. Beeston - Climbatize
11. Neotek - Mindfields
12. DJ BP - No Good

"There were two albums from the ‘90s that will stand as musical epochs for generations to come: the first came from a certain Seattle-based, post-punk band and the other was The Prodigy’s The Fat Of The Land. One of the most highly anticipated releases of its year thanks to the whirlwind publicity surrounding the first single “Firestarter,” The Fat Of the Land brought what was a massive international underground musical scene to the attention of mainstream (read: unsuspecting) critics and audiences around the globe. Liam Howlett - producer and creative mastermind behind The Prodigy - with his monstrous breakbeat samples and inventive use of traditional rock aesthetics, struck more raw nerves in mainstream music than the punk antics of all four Sex Pistols. And just when everybody thought that the storm had passed, two other powerhouse anthems (“Breathe” and “Smack My Bitch Up”) grabbed listeners by the throat and pummeled their way to the top of the US charts. The Fat Of The Land not only went platinum several times over but also brought long overdue attention to Howlett & Co.’s previous releases (The Prodigy Experience and Music For The Jilted Generation), which are every bit as brilliant if just a bit ahead of their time. So, speaking of long overdue...here is a tribute album to the band that made electronica THE music genre of the new millennium and, speaking of being ahead of their time...the artists contained herein are some of the brightest stars in the underground music scene who are the Firestarters of the next Jilted Generation. " - Hypnotic Records

Hypnotic Records released an album called A Tribute To The Prodigy on the 19th of March of this year. The Prodigy or their label have noting to do with that and this is not an official Prodigy album.

In my opinion this is the worst tribute I have ever heard and none of those tracks makes justice to the original ones. Do not waste your money to this piece of sh*t.

If you know something else about this record/release, please mail to me or contact me via feedback form.
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