Mad For It
(Sep 24, 1996, CD Telstar 2968)

01. One to Another (Charlatans)
02. Me and You Versus the World (Space)
03. Trash (Suede) 04. Stereotypes (Blur)
05. Oh Yeah (Ash)
06. You've Got It Bad (Ocean Colour Scene)
07. Lenny (Supergrass)
08. Anywhere (Dubstar)
09. Goodnight (Babybird)
10. Just the One (Levellers)
11. Perseverance (Terrorvision)
12. Sale of the Century (Sleeper)
13. Becoming More Like Alfie (Divine Comedy)
14. Grave and the Constant (Fun Lovin' Criminals)
15. Underground (Ben Folds Five)
16. Beat My Goal (Collapsed Lung)
17. You and Me Song (Wannadies)
18. Talk to Me (60FT Dolls)
19. One in a Million (Sussed)
20. Born Slippy (Underworld)
21. Firestarter (Prodigy)
22. Hypnotizin' (Winx)
23. Shallow Grave (Leftfield)
24. For What You Dream Of (Bedrock/KYO)
25. Children (Miles, Robert)
26. Search (Trancesetters)
27. Let This Be a Prayer (Rollo Goes Spiritual/Taylor, Pauline)
28. Slip Inside This House (Primal Scream)
29. Fool's Gold (Stone Roses)
30. He's on the Phone (St. Etienne)
31. Tape Loop (Morcheeba)
32. You're Not Alone (Olive)
33. Fun for Me (Moloko)
34. Rise (Zion train1)
35. Feel the Sunshine (Reece, Alex)
36. Valley of the Shadows (Origin Unknown)
37. Harmonicas Are Shite (Fila Brazillia)
38. Nights Interlude (Nightmares On Wax)

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