(1994, Moonshine Music)
01. London X-Press - X-Press 2
02. Do You See the Light (Dance 2 Trance Remix) - Snap
03. Let Me Hear the Music (Special France Mix) - D Stressed
04. I'm Gonna Get You (Extended Mix) - Bizarre Inc.
05. Come on and Do It (T.C. Mix) - FPI Project
06. Do What You Feel (JX Remix) - DCO2
07. Waterfalls - Atlantic Ocean
08. Tribal Dance (Automatic African Remix) - 2 Unlimited
09. I've Got the Music (DJ EFX Mix) - Mount Rushmore
10. Hells Party - Glam
11. I Need I Want - Alison Price
12. Out of Space - Prodigy
13. Why Is It (Funk Dat) - Sagat


You're in a club, at a rave, or just listening to the radio when that track drops, the hook catches you, and you just want to throw your hands up in the air. That's A Handraizer! Here is the ultimate collection of today's frontline dance artists, continuously mixed for your listening pleasure.

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