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The young rich

13 Liam Howlett

Songwriter, The Prodigy

Age 27; valued at £8m

As the band's principal songwriter, Howlett receives the majority of The Prodigy's publishing revenue, on top of his £5m share of the royalties. The creative impetus behind the band, Howlett's own solo DJ-mix effort, The Dirt Chamber Sessions, sold, as expected, a mere 50,000 copies. Like the rest of the band, he will have benefited from the lucrative tour sponsorship deal with the Allied Domecq-owned Ballantine - it lasted from 1996 to spring 1998 and is believed to have earned the band £3m.

18 Keith Flint

Singer, The Prodigy

Age 29; valued at £6m

The Prodigy, for whom Keith passes as a 'singer', hit centre stage with Fat Of The Land, which sold 10 million albums worldwide, 2.5 million of which were in the US and one million in the UK. They have sold an estimated 13 million albums in total, which, when added to the half-million selling singles 'Firestarter' and 'Breathe', suggest total record royalties of £15m - to be split equally between Flint, Howlett (no. 13) and the third member of the band, Maxim (age 31). Flint co-wrote the occasional track in the back catalogue and will hence receive some of the publishing revenue.

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