Talkin’ Lewd

Two giants of dance music join forces in a single common interest

Prodigy’s Liam Howlett and Massive Attack‘s 3D are working on the soundtrack to a porn film soundtrack.

The two will contribute a song to ‘The Uranus Experiment’ which is being billed as ‘one of the most ambitious projects of the adult film industry’.

The film features, among other things, the world’s first ‘zero gravity cum shot’.

A spokesman for Liam Howlett told NME: “Apparently they made the zero gravity cum shot possible by taking the stars of the film up in an aeroplane, very high and then plunging downwards very fast.

“In the end they managed it and it will be something that will get American scat-addicts highly excited.”

It’s not known how the two music stars became involved in such a project but Liam‘s press officer is claiming it was 3D who started the ball rolling.

It’s not the first time porn has raised its head in Prodigy’s career. The controversial 1997 ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ video featured lapdancing, and an explicit lesbian sex scene. The video only recently got its first terrestrial TV.

Press officers for both Liam and 3D insist their involvement with ‘The Uranus Experiment’ is purely musical.


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