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Liam and Nat's child prodigy singer is pregnant

Former All Saints party girl Natalie Appleton is going to have to start taking things easier in future.

The singer is telling pals she's pregnant with fiance Liam Howlett's baby. The couple are said to be overjoyed that there will soon be company for her nine-year-old daughter Rachel.

Last summer Ms Appleton told how Rachel - whose father is Nat's ex-husband and former Dreamboy Carl Robinson - couldn't wait for a little brother or sister.

Natalie, 28 and Liam, the brains behind The Prodigy, have been dating for 18 months and live together in Hampstead, North London. The nappy event is expected to make it a double celebration later this year when they finally marry.

A friend says the couple are thrilled. He told us: "The baby wasn't planned, but it came as a pleasant surprise. Everyone is really pleased for them. They've been madly in love since day one, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before they started a family together.

"Nat used to be a bit of a party girl, but she's really calmed down now and has always been a great mother to Rachel. "

But the new arrival means that the album Natalie and her sister Nicole - who last year gave birth to Liam Gallagher's son, Gene - had planned to release will now have to be put on hold.

They had been working with Eurythmics star Dave Stewart and wanted to go for a guitar-driven sound.

Yet, to the frustration of their record label Warners, they have yet to come up with any songs.

The pal said: "Warners will have to wait a bit for the album. Natalie's going to be busy this year. "

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