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Brittish young millionares

23. Liam Howlett, 28
Singer/songwriter, the Prodigy. £6 million.

Howlett, as the creative force behind dance act the Prodigy, has netted an estimated £6m from the band's worldwide sales. He receives a larger proportion of the sale value than the rest of the band and also reaps publishing royalties. Historically, the band's most lucrative deal came from an arrangement with the Allied Domecq-owned drinks brand Ballantine, which sponsored the band's tour from 1996 to spring 1998. The deal, it transpires, was worth less than the £3m initially reported, and is partly why Howlett's value has been reduced. His income has not been helped by the Prodigy's Bulgarian tour, which saw little profit and poor sales for his own solo remix collection, The Dirt Chamber Sessions.

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