Maxim promo discography

Grim Reaper
(1994, 12" White Label)
Maxim released 500 anonymous copies of this white label with no text or cat. no. on it calling himself the Grim Reaper on it. Some soundfiles have been available on Maxim's old official website. No other information about this record isn't available at the moment.

01. Lyric Style Psychosis
02. Mightier Than Mighty
03. Free At Last
04. Slide And Go Through

Against The Grain
(September 1998, XL-Recordings Promo Sampler CD, XLPR 126)
01. 05:15 Breakbeat Era - Rancid
02. 05.02 Stroke - Internal Call
03. 05:55 Basement Jaxx - Rendez Vu
04. 05:38 Jonny L - Brother
05. 04:38 Maxim - Dog Day
06. 04.08 Prodigy - Diesel Power (Dirtchamber Remix)

Only 1000 CD copies and 500 3 * 10" copies made.
Beggars Banquet 21st Anniversary
(October 6th 1998, Beggars Banquet Records Promo CD)
00:00 Maxim - Factory Girl
Only 5000 copies made.
(it's a remix of the Rolling Stones song with the same title).
Maxim - My Web EP
(July 1999, XL-Recordings & MasterPiece, .)
Limited Edition 5-track CD-R Promo
01. 02:00 Pissed
02. 04:32 My Web
03. 04:33 My Web
04. 04:04 Sin City
05. 04:12 Paranoid
sleeve not available
Maxim - My Web EP
(Intercord, .)
Promo CDR in jewelcase, no backsleeve, white frontsleeve, white CDR
01. 04:30 My Web (Instrumental)
02. 03:57 Sin City
03. 04:11 Paranoid

My Web EP
(XL-Recordings 2 * 10" DJ Promo XLT 108 DJ)
A1. 04:32 - My Web
A2. 04:32 - My Web (Instrumental)
B1. 04:03 - Sin City
B2. 04:12 - Paranoid

The first solo single from Maxim.
(The following text is taken from the Promo letter which was released with a few of the 10" Promos)

"Maxim has spent much of the 1990s touring the globe with Prodigy, and as the millions who has seen the band will confirm, his stage presence - all concentraded ferocity and risk-taking showmanship - is the streamlined propulsion unit of the Prodigy live experience. But while his destinctive vocals have added a taste of moody precision to classic cuts like "Poison", "Breathe" and "Mindfields", there's allways been another side to Maxim which the Prodigy live shows only hints at.

My Web provides a few more clues. It's an introducition to the music that he's been working on in scare Prodigy downtime for many years, and which, in 1999, he's finally had time to devote himself to proberly. Taut, introspective, atmospheric and sparsely funky, the tracks on the EP provide a stark contrast to the explosive pulgist who stalks Prodigy's stages. The twitchy beats reveal a love of underground while the artful use of samples and abstract noice are testament to both ample programming and a good dose of dark imagination.

Maxim says, "This EP is an introdution to a few of the elements that make up my musical taste. It's a sample of what's to come.... The track "My Web" is an alter ego talking to me. "

There will be an album later in the year - and watch out for news on surpricing collaborations. In the meantime, take the first steps into Maxim's web. Just don't get caught up. "

Maxim -My Web EP
(July 1999, XL-Recordings Promo CD, XL 108 CDPR)
1-track CD Promo
01. 03:24 My Web

Maxim - Carmen Queasy CDR Promo #1
01. 04:03 Carmen Queasy (Original mix)

Maxim - Carmen Queasy Promo
(2000, Cutting Edge ‎– CTCR-40035)
01. 04:02 Carmen Queasy (Original mix)
02. 05:53 Carmen Queasy (Digital dubz digi dub)
03. 04:00 Carmen Queasy (Instrumental mix)

Skin of Skunk Anansie appears courtesy of Virgin Records Limited. Recorded for Six Finger Productions. 
Contains sample from House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals included courtesy of EMI Records Limited. 

Promo Sample printed on cd. 
℗ & © 2000 XL-Recordings. Manufactured by Avex Inc. Tokyo, Japan / Stereo.

Maxim - Soul Seller Promo
(2000, Delabel ‎– DE 6165)
01. 03:33 Soul Seller

Album "Hell´s Kitchen" sortie le 03.10.2000 

℗ 2000 XL Recordings © 2000 XL Recordings / Delabel. 

Echantillon Promotionnel DE 6165. Interdit a la vente. Fabrique en France. 

All rights of the producer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of this record prohibited.

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