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Lowrise EP
Lowrise EP
(December 6th 1993, 12" white label LR 001)
LOW1 Untitled
LOW2 Untitled
HIGH1 Untitled
HIGH2 Untitled
Longman EP Longman EP

The Longman EP
(1996, 12” White Label) Limited to 200 copies
A1. 06:12 Dreamers
A2. 05:52 The Suspect
B1. 05:42 The Smoker
B2. 06:07 Rock It

The title track (Dreamers) is still commercially available on the compilation Kris Needs Must, orderable at The record was released by Mike Champion's own record label, C.S.M.F, based in Essex.

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Kris Needs Must!
(1997, CDRAID 534)
01. 00:00 Primal Scream - Jailbird (The Toxic Trio Stay Free Mix)
02. 00:00 Mr. Parker's Band - Mr. Vinegar (Club Po Revinian Mix)
03. 00:00 Secret Knowledge - Let the Fun Begin (Massive Bollocks Dub)
04. 00:00 Wulf 'n' Bear - The Liar
05. 00:00 Absolute State - Cold House Yellow Curtains
06. 06:05 Longman - Dreamers
07. 00:00 Kris 'n' Dave - The Sonic Stiffy
08. 00:00 Prodigy - Speedway [Theme From Fastlane] (Secret Knowledge Trouser Rouser Mix)
09. 00:00 Digital Destroyer - Frontier
10. 00:00 A&E Department - The Rabbits Name Was (Kris Needs Kek Detonator Mix)
11. 00:00 Boo Radleys - Lazarus (Secret Knowledge Mix)
12. 00:00 Blowout Express Presents Norman and Christopher - Down the Pub

Shades Of Rhythm - Psycho Base
(1997, DRUM 002TJX)
A1. 00:00 Psycho Base (Headrillaz Mix)
A2. 00:00 Psycho Base (Ceasefire Mix)
B1. 00:00 Psycho Base (Longman Mix)
B2. 00:00 Psycho Base (12” Electro Mix)

Shades Of Rhythm - Psycho Base
(1997, 12" DRUM 002T)
A1. Psycho Base (Headrillaz Mix)
A2. Psycho Base (Drum Attic Album Mix)
B1. Psycho Base (Wandering Dragon remix)
B2. Psycho Base (Ceasefire Mix)

Shades Of Rhythm - Psycho Base
(1997, DRUM 002CD)
01. Psycho Base (7" Head-Drillaz Mix [SoR Edit])
02. Psycho Base (12" Head-Drillaz 12" Dub)
03. Psycho Base (SoR 12" Vocal Guitar Mix)
04. Psycho Base (Ceasefire Mix)
05. Psycho Base (Drum-Attic Album Mix)
06. Psycho Base (Longman Mix)
06. Psycho Base (Wandering Dragon Remix)

"They're all like locals to us so I've known them for ages" says Leeroy as he explains further about the remix, "They gave me this electro track to remix and I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed it on a technical level, which is where I think me and Liam differ in our ways of working. I like to get into the finer intricacies of the software. I'll sit there and learn the manual inside out, whereas Liam's much more direct. I think it's because he's the artist and me... well, I was an electrician. "
Quote above sourced from the book 'Adventures with the Voodoo Crew' by Martin James.

Credits mention that The Drum Attic Album Mix features Gizz Butt on lead guitars. Liam Howlett actually phoned up SoR asking about Gizz when he needed a guitarist for the Fat of the Land tour.

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DR. Dooom -  Leave Me Alone
(July 19th 1999, Copasetic Recordings COPA 012X)
01. 05:04 Leave Me Alone (Original Mix)
02. 05:06 Leave Me Alone (Flightcrank Remix by Leeroy Thornhill)
03. 05:08 Leave Me Alone (Rmx by Man Moe Love of Ultramagnetic MC's)
04. 04:41 Leave Me Alone (Rmx by Man Moe Love of Ultramagnetic MC's / Instrumental)

DR. Dooom -  Leave Me Alone
(July 19th 1999, 12 " Copasetic Recordings COPA 012)
A1. 05:04 Leave Me Alone (Original Mix)
A2. 05:06 Leave Me Alone (Flightcrank Remix by Leeroy Thornhill)
B1. 05:08 Leave Me Alone (Rmx by Mad Man Moe Love of Ultramagnetic MC's)
B2. 04:41 Leave Me Alone (Rmx by Mo Love of Ultramagnetic MC's / Instrumental Mix)

Southern Fly - For Real EP (Promo)
(1999, London LONCD440)
01. 00:00 For Real
02. 00:00 I'm On Wages
03. 00:00 For Real (Be Your Own Jesus) Flightcrank vs. Southern Fly
04. 00:00 Buried Alive (Live In Brixton)
05. 00:00 In Crowd

Southern Fly - Maybe It's The Right Time (CD 2 of 2)
(2000, London LOCDP443)
01. 00:00 Maybe It's The Right Time
02. 00:00 The Boy
03. 00:00 Maybe It's The Right Time (Flightcrank Remix)

David Gray - Babylon (Flightcrank Remix) - Promotional 10 "
(2000, East-West records SAM00298)
A1. 04:59 Flightcrank Remix
B1. 05:01 Flightcrank Instrumental

Runaways feat. Masta Ace - Express Delivery
(2000, Ultimate Dilemma 12”, UDRO 32)
A1. 00:00 Express Delivery (Original Mix)
A2. 00:00 Express Delivery (Instrumental Mix)
A3. 00:00 Express Delivery (Remix by Aquasky & DJ Format)
B1. 00:00 Express Delivery (Remix by The Next Men)
B2. 00:00 Express Delivery (Remix by Flightcrank)
B3. 00:00 Express Delivery (Remix Instrumental by Flightcrank)
B4. 00:00 Express Delivery (Accapella)

Flightcrank - Flightcrank EP (Twisted EP) 2x7"
(June 2000, Copasetic Recordings, COPA 016 EP)
A1. 05:27 Twisted (Original Version)
A2. 04:21 Twisted (Lee Scratch Perry Version)
B3. 04:46 Drifter (Featuring Diane Charlemagne)
B4. 05:24 Masterplan

Flightcrank - Flightcrank EP (Twisted EP)
(June 2000, Copasetic Recordings COPA 016 X) Card sleeve CD single
01. 04:59 Twisted (Original Version)
02. 05:01 Twisted (Lee Scratch Perry Version)
03. 05:01 Drifter
04. 05:01 Masterplan

Flightcrank -Album Sampler

Flightcrank -Album Sampler

01. 01:29 - Famous
02. 06:05 - Inside out
03. 05:41 - You told me
04. 06:32 - Take me home
05. 04:16 - Twisted (Lee Perry Version)

Producer: Leeroy Thornhill
Written by: Patrick Fitzgerald

Inside out:
Producer: Leeroy Thornhill
Written by: Leeroy Thornhill

You told me:
Producer: Leeroy Thornhill
Written by: Charli Tucker / Leeroy Thornhill
Featuring: Charli Tucker on vocals

Take me home:
Producer: Leeroy Thornhill
Written by: Leeroy Thornhill

Twisted (Lee Perry Version):
Produced and mixed by: Lee Scratch Perry
Written by: Leeroy Thornhill

Flightcrank - Beyond All Reasonable Doubt

Flightcrank - Beyond All Reasonable Doubt
(2nd April 2001, Copasetic Recordings)
01. 03:27 Bright lights
02. 04:01 Amazing
03. 04:59 What U need
04. 06:04 Inside out
05. 04:26 Cheaper than stolen goods
06. 01:55 Get real
07. 02:39 Flipside
08. 01:59 Sir Grinalot
09. 05:39 Break the chains
10. 04:20 Another year
11. 01:27 When I get famous
12. 06:31 Take me home
13. 04:16 Twisted Lee Scratch Perry Mix
14. 02:24 Matchsticks

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Reviewed on 20th March 01 by Robert Heller/PlayLouder
Flightcrank is Leeroy Thornhill and this is his first album since leaving The Prodigy just over a year ago. 'Beyond All Reasonable Doubt' seems to lay its stylistic cards on the table from the off. 'Bright Lights' is a strong tune ably sung; there can be no doubt Thornhill has got a voice, a smooth rootsy folky tone, even if, at the present time it's a tad weak and underdeveloped. The music, meanwhile, is crisp, synthetic digi-dub, the plastic sounds all minorly awkward and doom-laden, the beats and bass spidery but heavy. 'Amazing''s perky lyrics jar with its heavier beats. 'What U Need''s dirty, crunchy bass sound fails to be as creepy as its lyrics. The comparison is inevitable - a chilled-out, dubbier Prodigy who've yet to get to grips with their studio.

Then, with 'Get Real', Thornhill goes jingly. And indeed folksomely jangly - a guitar comes out and Thornhill all but auditions to join Semisonic. 'Flipside' weighs in with a harmonica solo. Then there's an witty, acerbic me-and-my guitar retort to a spurning lover. Thornhill is blatantly more relaxed and consequently this half of the album is far more enjoyable. The highlight, though, a remix by Lee 'Scratch' Perry, all organic boom still shows up the thinness of Thornhill's studio efforts.

So, forget the angsty, gloomy first half, not to mention the dodgily aggressive sleeve art (an electric chair - surely an image hangover from Thornhill's Prodigy days) and watch out for this new folk roots star-to-be.

The Song 'Get Real' details Leeroy's feelings following the split with Sara Cox and his subsequent attempts to get on with his life. Leeroy is still friends with Sara but admits the song was written at a low point following their break-up. He told that writing it was 'as hard as completing a homework assignment'. Part of the song's lyrics says: "I wake to a new day/ the phone rings the first time I answer slowly; I hear your voice on the line/ It's been some time/ You say you're thinking of me/ If you could only see me/ You miss those things about me/ Get real you never knew me/ You took me higher than I've ever been before/ And then you left me standing at that door" Leeroy says he's still friends with Sara despite the emotions that the split threw up. "It makes me laugh that people want to hear this sob story". "We just said that we'd be friends. Things had changed between us, but it was like, 'Good luck.' I wish her all the best. I dont dwell on the past, I get on with life. I'm not one for downers. "

Flightcrank - Amazing
(2001, Copasetic Recordings)
UK single track promo CD-R single (Copasetik - no catalogue number)
01. 03:41 Amazing (Radio Edit)

Promo Sticker says:
"Flightcrank 'Amazing'
As part of one of the biggest acts in the 90's (Prodigy) Leeroy Thornhill experienced it all. 10yrs on & he decided to pick up the mantle himself. 'Amazing' highlights a hidden talent ready to step up with the stars. A soul infused, breakbeat powered pop blast. Amazing is the first single from the album. " R.D. 26th March Contact Harvey @ ZZonked 020 8503 1880

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Flightcrank - Amazing
(2001, 12" Copasetic Recordings COPA019)
A1. 03:38 Amazing (Original)
A2. 04:58 Amazing (Acoustic Version)
B1. 05:14 Amazing (Controlled Change Mix)
B2. 05:10 Amazing (Grinalot Mix)

Flightcrank - Amazing
(2001, Copasetic Recordings COPA019CD)
01. 03:40 Amazing (Original)
02. 05:00 Amazing (Acoustic Version)
03. 05:16 Amazing (Controlled Change Mix)
04. 05:10 Amazing (Breakbeat Grinalot Mix)

Flightcrank - Inside Out
(2001, Copasetic Recordings COPA 018)
Comes in a gray-brown carbon sleeve with the Flightcrank logo pressed on the front. A little like the "Flightcrank EP" 7" It was limited to only 800 copies

A1. 06:05 - Inside out (Original Version)
B1. 04:17 - Outside in (Mad Professor Remix)

Inside out:
Producer: Leeroy Thornhill
Written by: Leeroy Thornhill
Outside in: (Mad Professor Remix)
Producer: Leeroy Thornhill
Written by: Leeroy Thornhill
Remixed by: Mad Professor

Flightcrank - What U Need
(2001, 12" Copasetic Recordings COPA 024)
A1. 05:01 What U Need (Original Mix)
A2. 06:32 What U Need (Adamski Mix)
B1. 04:40 What U Need (Maxim Mix)
B2. 06:39 What U Need (Genaside II)

Flightcrank - What U Need
(2001, Copasetic Recordings COPA 024CD)
01. 05:01 What U Need (Original Mix)
02. 06:32 What U Need (Adamski Mix)
03. 04:39 What U Need (Maxim Mix)


"What You Need"

Featuring Charli Tucker
COPA 024/COPA 024X
Release date 23rd of July 2001
Through Copasetik Recordings

Taken from Flightcrank's debut album "Beyond All Reasonable Doubt" released earlier this year "What You Need" is the second single. After working with musicians such as Lee Scratch Perry, Moby, Kool Keith and David Gray Flightcrank is once again back to bless us with a beat, heavy, hip-hop / dance break beat tune.

Featuring 18-year old vocalist Charli Tucker this single gives us another side of Flightcranks sound. With her smooth vocals Charli makes the track sound so so chilled and mystical.

"What You Need" has also been remixed by non other then, Adamski Maxim (Prodigy) and Geneside II (inventors of drum and bass and break beat).

They all contribute in giving the track a very different touch, the Adamski mix is futuristic and a definite dance track that will make dance floors across the globe get their groove on.

The Maxim mix offres hip-hop heavy beats and again gives this track a different sound. Geneside II's mix gives a very up-tempo drum and bass/break beat feel that makes you wanna get up and move your body!!

During the past year Flightcrank has been DJing up and down the country supporting aces like Finley Quaye and Primal Scream on their UK and Irish Tour as well as Placebo on their Italian tour.

Flightcrank will continue DJing and the following events have now been confirmed. Ocean in Hackney on Wednesday 20th June also feature Mark Lamarr as compere.

Thursday 21st June at The Elbow Rooms in Islington. Arthur Barker's chain of pool music halls who are celebrating their 1st birthday party. This is to be a private engagement and already booked to perform is Catatonia more TBC.

For further information please contact Nick White/Lisa Lindahl at Smash Press 027 3576350 or

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