Jim Davies


Prodigy's ex-live guitarist Jim Davies is responsible for the guitar on such tracks as Firestarter, Breathe and Fuel My Fire. He was also the live guitarist of the band Pitchshifter and Flint, and he has also added several guitar riffs to their albums.

The following info is from the official Earache Records site.
"After releasing their first (very underground) album "Industrial", on the Peaceville label, PITCH SHIFTER signed with Earache Records in early '92. The Nottingham-based noise terrorists then released the "Submit" mini-LP and  stampeded through Europe with the likes of Grotus, The Young Gods, Girls Against Boys, Fugazi, Fudge Tunnel, Treponem Pal, and Napalm Death. gathering an intelligently degenerate following in their wake. 

The "Desensitized" release led to an explosive European headlining tour. Widespread acclaim for both the album and band followed, due in no small part to the band's energetic and unpredictable live performances, breaking  down the traditional artist/performers barrier by becoming one with the crowd, inviting fans onstage, and throwing propaganda style flyers into the audience. 

In 1995 the band culminated their European work with a show-stopping appearance in July at the Phoenix Festival. Such was the crowd's enthusiasm for the quartet's set that they rushed the stage, prompting the plug to be pulled on a band for the first and only time in the Festival's history. The chaos may or may not have had something to do with the mysterious crop circle which had appeared in an adjoining field the previous night - an enormous and perfectly rendered replica of the band's now famous "eye" symbol. 

1996 saw PITCH SHIFTER release their brand new full length LP entitled "Infotainment?". Produced by the band and studio wizard Simon Efemy (a long time fan of the band), "Infotainment?" was a seething indictment on the degeneration of 90's society expressed through a wall of guitars, pounding rhythms, and pure bass groove, all blended with flavours of the band's Hip-Hop, Techno, and Jungle sensibilities. " 

Their latest album is the fifth, "but it's really the first that represents where we want to be with the technology", says the programmer/engineerer/guitarist Jonny Carter of Pitchshifter. (Future Music Issue 71 (July 1998)) Besides releasing their own material, they have had several gigs with other famous metal/rock bands like the Deftones, Toten Hosen or H-Blockx. 

The following is about the likes and dislikes of Jim Davies, from Kerrang magazine's Love & Hate feature: 

1. AMERICA: "We were there for four entire months last year on tour. "
2. THE JAM: "I listen to them every day. "
3. N64 GAME 'ZELDA': "I haven't stopped playing it since Xmas. "
4. DENISE VAN OUTEN: "I used to get up early to watch 'The Big Breakfast' - now I stay in bed all day. "
5. PLAYING GIGS IN ENGLAND: "Always a buzz. Cool crowds. " 

1. ESSEX: "I have no idea why I live there!"
2. WAITING TO BE SERVED IN BARS AND RESTAURANTS: "After 10 minutes I just lose it!"
3. MORNING DEBATE SHOWS LIKE 'TRISHA': "I loathe the people on those shows. It really winds me up!"
4. BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO: "Luckily, I'm a musician. I could never have a boss. "
5. BLACK METAL: "Not scary, just plain old toss!" 

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