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English Dogs discography

sleeve not available

English Dogs ‎– This Is Not A War
(2002, Retch Records RRCD024)
01. Die Waiting
02. Bad Manna (Be What You Are)
03. This Is Not A War
04. Lay Down Your Arms
05. Wasted Life
06. Nothing But A Nightmare
07. Death's A Career
08. Wrecking Spree
09. I've Got A Gun
10. Shoot Your Own Head Off (Demo)
11. Fortress Europe (Demo)
12. Grass (Demo)
Bonus Live Tracks
13. Fall Of Max
14. Nipper Tripper
15. Free To Kill
16. Left Me For Dead
17. Psycho Killer

English Dogs - I've Got A Gun (Live in Helsinki)
(2001, Retch Records RRCD017)
01. Fall Of Max
02. Nipper Tripper
03. Free To Kill
04. Your Contry Needs You
05. Left Me For Dead
06. Die Waiting
07. Chosen Few
08. Caveman Brain
09. Face Pollution
10. Psycho Killer
11. Party In Amsterdam
12. Free To Kill
13. World War Two

Recorded at The Lepakko 17/2/95 in Helsinki, Finland.

English Dogs - What A Wonderful Feeling... ...To Be Fucked By Everyone
(January 16th 2001, Retch Records ‎– RRCD 006)

01. Die Waiting
02. Bad Manna (Be What You Are)
03. This Is Not a War
04. Lay Down Your Arms
05. Wasted Life (Stiff Little Fingers)

English Dogs - All The World's A Rage
(August 25th 1998, Pavement Music 76962-32285-2)
01. Shoot Your Own Head Off
02. I've Got A Gun (Body Guard)
03. Last One Standing
04. This Is Not A War
05. Delete It
06. Out In The Cold
07. Wrecking Spree
08. Die Waiting
09. Under A Privare Attack
10. Fortress Europe
11. A Cog In Their Machine
12. Poor Air Quality
13. Be What You Are
14. Grass
15. Reduction Line
16. Body On The Line
17. Disarm

sleeve not available

English Dogs - Bow To None
(October 11st 1994, cd and cassette Relativity/Century Media)
01. Nipper Tripper
02. Amsterdam
03. Face Pollution
04. Criminal Juvenile
05. Fun Door Enlightening
06. Psycho Killer
07. Bastard
08. Barnaby Hoofer
09. The Fall Of Max
10. Would You Like To Live In My Surgical Cocoon
11. The hanging Wanker
12. DNA
13. Balloon

Lenght: 38min
Players: Gizz, Pinch, Wakey, Stuart
produced & engineered by Mark Thompson

Where Legend Began
(1986, 12" Under One Flag ‎– FLAG 4)

01. Trauma
02. Eye of Shamahn
03. Enter the Domain
04. Premonition
05. Calm Before the Storm
06. Flashback
07. Tomb of Traveller's
08. Past
09. Middle Earth

This 1986 album was reissued on CD in 1998

(1986, 12" Under One Flag ‎– 12 FLAG 101)

A1. 06:51 Nightmare Of Reality
B1. 04:29 Absolution
B2. 06:02 Let The Killing Begin

Recorded at Woodlands, Castleford, 9th-16th Feb '86.

sleeve not available

Mad Punx & English Dogs/Invasion Of The Porky Men
(1983, LP EDMP 01)

01. Fall Of Max, The
02. World War 2
03. Your Country
04. Blind Man
05. Mercenary
06. Never Die
07. Astrophs Waiting
08. Newsflash
09. Ghost Of The Past
10. Carol
11. Spoils Of War
12. Cranked Up Really High
13. Invasion Of The Porky Men
14. Caveman Brain
15. Max (The Millionaire) - (bonus track)
16. Psycho Killer * - (bonus track)
17. Free To Kill - (bonus track)
18. Driven To Death - (bonus track)
19. Left Me For Dead - (bonus track)
20. R.I.P. - (bonus track)

Reissued on CD in 2000


1984 To the End of the Earth / Forward into battle


Wreckin Temples
Barking Spider EP (7")

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