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"Dancing to the first album was more of a constant flow, the music was similarly paced, with much the same tempo all the way through the set.  Myself and Keith tended to alternate on stage, and the performance was much more dance-based than theatrical. With the second album, Jilted, things got harder and the stage show became a lot more full-on. Each one of us had developed into identifiable personality on stage, and with that cam the theatrics, Keith in a strait-jacket, in the glass box, or the ball. Then we realised that we didn't need that, that we have a great live show without those dramatic extras. For example, Keith is now a compelling performer in his own right, he doesn't need the tricks. "

"Performing is the most powerful drug on earth. I get a come-down if we don't gig for a few weeks, it's unbelievable. "

"The first album Experience sums up that period of our lives, going to raves, parties, that whole scene. The album is like a show from those times, with all the elements that people were into - piano riffs, rave stuff, all quite anthemic. Jilted went much darker, it progressed and took us much further forward. It was more electronic, much less dance-based, introducing more guitar and rock into the band's spectrum. The next album is substantially different again, but constant to all the records is the hardness, that Prodigy edge and sound, that is never absent. "

"We were in the car listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Keith was saying how he'd love to do some vocals on a tune, and then two weeks later there he was on 'Firestarter'. As soon as I heard the lyrics I knew it was an explanation of himself, totally Keith. It was another element, it seriously enhances the live show. "

"We'll break America, we've been there every year for five years. We'll make it, because we're good and if something's good there are enough cool people in the States to pick up on it. We'll do it and we'll do it the right way...our way. "

"When the music evolved away from the more typically dance-based, keyboard-heavy elements, into what you could call more rock 'n' roll, with guitars and hints of verses and choruses, it opened things up to the band on a totally new level. In many ways, 'Firestarter' represents that turning point, with the full vocal track especially. Having said that, it was hardly traditional, it's not exactly in the conventional pop format, not by a long way. Liam's stuff is still very twisted, even when he dabbles with more accepted forms. "

"Maxim is chilling out with age, like a good wine. He's a cross between me and Keith - when he's on stage he's got that theatrical edge, his commanding stature, people know he's in control of the mike. "

If people honestly think that "Smack my Bitch up" is gonna make people go and beat up women, then we'll just do a song saying "deposit all your money in this P.O Box number. "

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