• Happy 30th birthday The Prodigy!
    The Prodigy were formed exactly 30 years ago this day while out at a rave! Read more
  • Experience 28th anniversary
    The debut studio album Experience by The Prodigy was first released on 28 September 1992. Read more
  • Happy birthday Keith Flint!
    We all are remembering the exceptional one & only original firestarter Keith Flint who would have celebrated his 51st birthday today 17th September. Read more
  • NME Awards 2020: Watch Leo Crabtree pay emotional tribute to Keith Flint
    The Prodigy‘s long time live drummer Leo Crabtree led a tribute to Keith Flint at the NME Awards 2020, last night. Read more
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    Theprodigy.info visitor and a fan is selling an outfit once owned by Keith Flint. Read more
  • Keith Flint dead at 49
    The iconic frontman was found dead at his home. All love and sympathy goes out to his family, friends and all fans across the world at this sad time. Read more
Whatta hell is IRC?
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is like a normal chat, but it's FASTER and more user friendly than those other chats! There are lots of channels to choose in the irc and you can chat in them in the same time.. you can be in so many channels that you like... Channel types? There are lots of cool channels to choose and you can also set up your own channel if you like!, but our channel is #prodigy. How can I chat there? First you must download the IRC client. To get this program visit site for mIRC. (http://www.mirc.co.uk)

Would you like to chat with other Prodigy fans?
If you like chatting you should visit #Prodigy channel in the IRCnet! There are usually at least 5 or more regular Prodigy fans and in the night there can be over 20 chatters! We have also somekind of IRC/Prodigy meeting in the channel every sunday at 7pm (UK time).

About Chat
The best Prodigy IRC-chat is on the IRCnet. There are of coz channels on EfNet and Dalnet, but they are usually empty. Connect to the IRCnet server and go to channel #prodigy. Lots of times there are only bots,
but read below to find when to login, and have a nice chat.

Chat times
The regulars of the Prodigy newsgroup meet up every Sunday at 7pm UK time on channel #prodigy on IRCnet.
Check the table below for your local time to meet.

Time Location
7pm (19:00) United Kingdom
8pm (20:00) Central Europe
9pm (21:00) Finland
8pm (20:00) Sweden
2pm (14:00) US Eastern
1pm (13:00) US Central
12noon (12:00) US Mountain
11am (11:00) US Pacific

Location  IRCnet server
AUSTRALASIA: Australia (Wollongong) speech.elec.uow.edu.au
EUROPE: Austria (Vienna) irc.wu-wien.ac.at
EUROPE: Finland (Espoo) irc.funet.fi
EUROPE: Finland (Kuopio) irc.pspt.fi
EUROPE: Finland (Saunalahti Internet only) irc.saunalahti.fi
EUROPE: Finland (Inet Internet only) irc.inet.fi
EUROPE: France (Lyon) irc.univ-lyon1.fr
EUROPE: Iceland (Reykjavik) irc.isnet.is
EUROPE: Italy (Pisa) irc.ccii.unipi.it
EUROPE: Netherlands (Amsterdam) irc.xs4all.nl
EUROPE: Netherlands (Nijmegen) irc.sci.kun.nl
EUROPE: Sweden (Lulea) irc.ludd.luth.se
EUROPE: United Kingdom (London - BT Internet only) chat.btinternet.com
EUROPE: United Kingdom (London - Demon Internet only) irc.demon.co.uk
EUROPE: United Kingdom (London - Imperial) stork.doc.ic.ac.uk
EUROPE: United Kindom (London - Netcom Internet only) irc.netcom.net.uk
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