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Started by Poisoner, October 22, 2001, 03:46:32 PM

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I think that the Prodigy should have sticked with the old logo. The Ant was looking cool and it had some meaning in it(As 1 we're weak, but as a community strong). I wonder what the red star thingy means?  But well, that's not so important as long as the music is good. And the army theme? It's quite a big coinsidence that they chose this theme before the war against terrorism. And I'm quite sure it will gain same kind of controversy as SMBU...


Yes and soon a well known newsagencys will figure out, that a certain Liam bin Laden was planning to infiltrate the underground subway corridors of the Red Square, after having a fabulos gig there with his fellows Adolf Reality and
Tradition IS a tradition



On every album new logo.

The red star --- sine rage don't exist any more..
liberty and justice for all


The Ant logo had a deeper meaning, I like that a lot about it. As for the new logo(s), they look nice, but I haven't really found a deeper meaning in it yet. But of course there doesn't have to be a deeper meaning behind everything. I like both logos, but I think I still prefer the Ant logo...


Let's just look what the album will bring, maybe there's a deeper connection to the star and the whole military theme.

Btw., what do you all think about the feel of TFOTL?
I always found it was a little bit mysterious, coming from tracks like Narayan and Mindfields, also a bit wishful (Climbatize) but mainly just raw (Diesel P., SMBU + co).

I think the main attribute was just 'cool'.
As far as I can see that, AONO carries a feel like 'hard' or just 'rough' in it.
Tradition IS a tradition


The Fat of The Land= it deserves to be sold out in more copies that the bible.
liberty and justice for all



yeah, but would be even more commercial, no?
I' so pissed sometimes, when I hear good music in bad TV-trailers or something. Two days ago, a local TV-station had a trailer for some kinda bullshitty own production called "Rats - they gonna catch you", it was the worst shit ever. And that trailer was underlined with Prodigy's 'Rat poison'. Can't be.

Or the thirteen years old kids, when being asked "What are your favourite bands?" "Yeah, that would be Britney Spears, Eminem, Prodigy and Limp Bizkit."
Ahhhh! My beloved Prodigy packed together with a bunch of idiots and casted shit.

Anyway, I'm getting a bit over the line here.

Tradition IS a tradition


The Fat of The Land= it deserves to be sold out in more copies that the bible.

Yeah, but would they be as original as they are if this were true? And about packing Prodigy with crap like Eminem & Limp bizkit--> THAT SUCKS!


I like the new image, i think it is an extension of the whole attitude image from the Fat Of The Land era. Anyway lets just wait in anticipation for Alwaysoutnumbered...

One Man Army

The new logo is cool! i like it as well as the army theme.
the last time the prodigy released an album was such along time ago... things must change by now or it will be boring!


The ant is cool, and strong, but wait until the release.
What if the new logo is just for the live shows?
And who cares anyways. I will like it i know. And you all will.
Just wait.
It will be a time for us to understand the new stuff  ???.


I like the new 'ARMy' look

it be kool just like the ant + the Original 'unknown' logo

lookin forward to the artwork on the new album

you've got to open up your eyes and see the light

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