What kind will the new album be?

Started by [da]Poisoner, October 15, 2001, 08:19:27 PM

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I think that the new prodigy album with be a great one, but I dought that trigger or nuclear will be on there, I think they could of just been played because Liam something new in the set. Like the prodigy have always been there albums have always been groundbreaking, new, and creative. That is exactly what I think AONO will be.  I think that the album will sound like a mix between Jilted Generation and Fat of The Land. The guitar sound has always worked and so has the techno sound, why not just contiune to mix them together?? But I'd always like to see some new instrumental tracks because thats what I think Liam does best. Lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope that AONO will be the best fucking alubm ever!


...Lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope that AONO will be the best fucking alubm ever!

Well, in my opinion, the new Prodigy album is always better than the previos one, so as you said, let's keep our fingers crossed.


I hope that the new album will be (if they'll release any album) more like Jilted.

p.s I think TFOTL is the worst prodigy album ever.
(Tastes are different)



You're the first one to say that.

It's fully understandable though, I was kinda surprised when I heard it first, didn't like it so much.

Okay, that has drastically changed by now.

But it'll be not a Jilted album, since Liam himself said he wouldn't do it again like that.

Although, let's not forget that he also said "there will definitely be no guitars on AONO", and it looks like that's wrong.
Tradition IS a tradition


First of all, I think 'It came from Afrika' is just shit, but a lot of people were very excited about the new record, JuGe, could you describe it a little further? Do they sound like on the last album? Or back to the roots? Or new? Or what?
And when can we expect the new album to be released? The last date I had, was something about October?

And I wouldn't mind if Liam would not release a single.
I mean, they are going to, but it would be nice to have a mild
outro for the Prodigy, I don't like all the attention on the band.
I liked it how it was before they got really big, in the Jilted times... *sigh*...

Anyway, even if Liam did shit all the time and we get a crappy record, I would anyway always believe in him.

Nope.. they have just developed their style.. I'm realy into that kind of stuff really... the album is not so hard but it's very hard in it's own way.. "Come With Us" (the opener track) is pretty similar to Orbital's "Satan" ... I mean that the vibe is something like I get from "Satan" ;) .. greeeat one.. and there is also track called "Denmark".. I'm really into it.. nice sounds and great chemical type guitar raping :) ..then there is "The Test".. it's like "Setting Sun" melted into "Narayan".. thouse tracks are the stand out ones in my opinion! I just have to say I'm looking for Liam's reaction.. he has said that they are relevant as fuck.. but I think he now knows that the chemical's is pretty close too ;) That's easily the best Chems album ever!
It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?


I think next Prodigy album really will be out next year. Also I'm sure they gonna release a single, dunno when though, maybe end of this winter. After "Experience Expanded" and all these festivals with only 2 new tracks they need a single. because they need time to sit in the studio, and I think they gonna stop trippin' after BDO, otherwise all their "new album comin' soon" become very funny and silly. I think that's fact that Prodigy losing their reputation, of course there are a lot of real fans as we are, but I think the band needs something more than just a couple of stupid festivals and "we are relevant as f*ck". I just can't understand what the band wanna mean under "Prodigy" word. Do they want to be number one or they just wanna be and got some money? If they still want to be number one as they were 4 years ago they should work in the studio first.
Anyway... about new album.... I think new album will be sounds commercial a bit, at least few tracks, because looks like that album is writting under management pressure. Also I mean that "I Thought it was going to be really, really rocky but it's turning out quiet electronic", dunno but always thought that Prodigy are "quiet electronic". And how can Liam talks about new album if there is no any new album? Of course "Trigger" is "quiet electronic", but "Nuclear" is not. OK, even Liam meant some other new track that we havn't heard, anyway it's only 3 tracks, it's not an album, or maybe he did all album yesterday?.. And that new role of Keith, weird, isn't  it? Actually I wanna see how is it gonna looks on the stage, Keith with a guitar ;) That's obviously that the band wanna get some public attention. But I wonder why they doing that. Anyway, I think the album will sounds pretty differently. Some tracks will sounds like FOTL, other ones quiet experimental, maybe one or two tracks will "blow minding". But also I think new album is very far from today, and single won't "blow our minds", of course single will rocks couple of days but no more. And i've got a fear in my soul that Liam has reached his top in FOTL, i really hope that's my fear is my next bullshit and Liam will do revolution agian. Anyway, the band makes the album. Everything is changing with time, sometimes in good way, sometimes in bad way; that's a life. Anyway, if Liam born to be a musical genius, one they we'll his genius. There is a saying in Russia - "a talent can't be drunk away", i'm not sure that i've translated right, but i hope you got what does it mean ;) That saying also exlain how Russians can drink a lot and create jet engines in the same time :)
So, that's kinda all that i could translate. Btw, all that is IMHO!

P.S. If some one has got http(!) links to new chem's album, I will be glad to... download the stuff ;)
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!


Well, it's difficult to say what a bands real intention in reference to making money and being hip and that shit is.
I mean, Liam can say as much about being underground as he wants, fact is that they aren't and fortunately they noticed that as well.
So they go on with saying things like "We have the power to put things in the charts that otherwise wouldn't be heard" and yeah, what else should they do.
In my opinion they get the best out of it.
They are commercial, but they don't act like.
And luckily XL Recordings isn't pressing them much either.
I think we mustn't forget that moving forward always pushes you into commerciality, I don't understand some people (-not you Zed-) who hope the new album could get less commercial, heads up people, it won't.
That's normal, look at all the other good bands in that genre, Chem's, Fatboy, all that.
They once were tiny and unrelevant, but as they a) release more records and b) get better musically, they earn more respect, get more known and are more commercial.
And really, if every band that is good would behave as The Prodigy, we would be a tad lesser tripped in that commercial hole.

I don't know about Keith playing the guitar, but I don't really think it was meant to get public attention, it seems like they just stick with their philosophy. But it sure isn't about having a guitarplayer on board, if that was their idea, they should have recruited a *real* guitar-man and not someone that plays for about a year or so.
But maybe it's part of a whole fat surprise pack we're supposed to get served, you know, some weird effects on the guitar which makes them sound like a thousand washing machines from hell or what.

Liam might have reached his top on FOTL, but even if, it's not bad, or? Why should he get worse on the new record, I don't think he suddenly lost his ability. I would like another album with FOTL quality very much.
Poor boy, he pressures himself much enough I think, then there is that bugging girlfriend who wants to shop with him and his fans thinking about things that could get worse.
And XL is on the run too, I guess.

So stop worrying everybody, be surprised if the album gets shitty or be happy if it rocks your world.

Tradition IS a tradition


the chemicals are mostly pretty pish. they just think if the twiddle about with their electronics and make something unique sounding then it must b good, and shove it on their record. prodigy are relentless quality, there is no comparison.

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