What kind will the new album be?

Started by [da]Poisoner, October 15, 2001, 08:19:27 PM

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Since it is confirmed that Trigger and Nuclear will be on the new album ( it was said on finnish radio station Radio Mafia one day), i'm afraid that it's gonna be too much like Fat Of the Land. I would like to see some ground breaking instrumental tunes instead of this 'keith flint punk stuff' >:(. I'm not saying that the new tunes are bad. On 1-10 scale i

wolf eater

 ::)maybe the fat of the land era isnt over!


Yeah? It's confirmed? But I didn't hear of that anywhere else.
And often radiostations aren't that up to date as they think.
I remember a local radiostation saying something like "Keith does not want to cooperate in duett with Madonna", which is just absolute shit.

I'd like to have Trigger on the new album, that would be nice, but two songs of that kind just don't fit into the concept.

I have to agree with Wolf Eater here (miracle), maybe the FOTL-Era isn't over, but I'm sure Liam can keep his promise ("I want every album to be completely different to the previous").
That's very important, since musical evolution is -IMHO- the biggest trademark of The Prodigy (besides that arse-rockin Sp1200 BD).
Ohh, I'd loove to hear something in the kind of Poison again, one of the most impressive tracks I find. Really shows his talent.

Yeah, one year ago I said the same, that it does not matter if it takes him another year to finish the album, as long as it becomes as outstanding as the last record(s). But now, as one year passed, I'm getting nervous. I WANT THAT RECORD!
And I want it now!

Tradition IS a tradition


OK. I would like to hear another the fat of the land album.
why not?.

ppl please understand that if they don't do album in year 2002 it would be a little hpycrite, wouldn't be?
liberty and justice for all


Exactly, I love The FOTL so much, nearly play a song of it every second day without getting fed up.
No other record achieved that.

Well, they would at least be liars. But that are they anyway.
(I just mean their way of contradicting themselves. But it's nice. Human kind.)
Tradition IS a tradition


Exactly, I love The FOTL so much, nearly play a song of it every second day without getting fed up.
No other record achieved that.

Same here, but in my case "Nevermind" achieved that.


Since it is confirmed that Trigger and Nuclear will be on the new album ( it was said on finnish radio station Radio Mafia one day), i'm afraid that it's gonna be too much like Fat Of the Land.

This is not confirmed in any way. Radio stations state such things constantly. They also stated that Britney Spears died in a plane crash recently (I wish it was true ;p). They also stated that The Prodigy would not attend to both Lowlands as Pukkelpop.

What you hear on the radio, what you see on television, what you hear from friends - do not believe it untill it is confirmed by organizations like XL-Recordings, Beggars Banquet, Midi Management, et cetera. Do not believe the hype, do not help in spreading rumours - thank you.


This from Jugez news:

 The band will stay in the militarylook

The Prodigy are always on the thumb and now there have been loads of talk about the new military style. Also people have been talking about the lyrics of Trigger. Cause there are certain places with words like terrorist and skies.. like "Terrorists I hate and despise / Trigger from the troops" and something like "It rains from the sky". Anyway The Prodigy are keeping the military theme of their next album despite the US atrocities.

---> Also songs on Never Outgunned include Nuclear and Trigger.

So I thought this was confirmed, sorry if I posted a rumour. I hope Jugez source for the news is reliable.


Yeah.. dunno about that but that has been reported in several sources already.. (MTV news and some papers).. but you can't be sure. No Souvenirs was confirmed by XL, but I think they won't release it on a single ever!

And I think Liam will put trigger on album anyway.
It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?


IMHO i think both Trigger and Nuclear will be on the new album. They both fit really well on the military theme. If i heard correctly what Keith Flint is "singing" on Nuclear it's about Nuclear war. It goes something like this (this could be terribly wrong tho) "He got guns that he loves to play" and
"Nuclear strike is Nuclear, this time!". If someone can make sense what Flint is saying between these sentences, I would be glad if he/she posted it here...  


trigger is good but it's nothing new anyway...(remeber "breathe"?) nuclear is totally disapointing,I have a been a prodigy MUSICAL fan since 1994 so I already know that Liam employs a lot of time when writing music but now in my opinion I think that he's too late, music has changed during these last 4 years too much.
Now I enjoy listening to other rave acts such as SL2, acen,liquid,altern 8... contemporary dance music sucks(from a couple of years to date).
get ready, he will never release another album like "music for.." and the like...it's a pity ,really.


Yep, as Liam also said that he won't ever do an album like Jilted again. If it where up to me, he would make an album half of Jilted, half of FOTL.

But those are past & gone
Tradition IS a tradition


thanks for your reply ekko.I remeber almost 5 years ago(yes, it sounds incredible,a long time has passed..) when I was willing to listen to the new prodigy album,by the time I had all their discography (excepts bootlegs and the like..),but there are some differencesif we compare that time with this.
we have spent 4 years without any official release(and I have to remind all of you that smack my ...was not a new song when it was released back in nov.1997),so,when we were in the fat of the land countdown we already had heard 2 magnificent singles (firestarter and breathe) that took europe by storm but...what do we have now? I think that liam is afraid of failure or even he has lost all his ideas, maybe they would have to split up instead of changing their legend,I don't want the prodigy to release an album like chemical brothers' surrender or fatboy slim's last miserable offer.
if liam wants to do it again, he must release a new fucking single now!!! ;D
by the way, does anybody know why xl recordings has never re-release what evil lurks? they would earn many money, don't you think??
very very nice site juge!


I agree with this post but I have to say that the new Chem Bros album (4th) is absolutely fabulous.. I got the promo two days ago and I'm very into it already.. I'm really into Chems again.. nice to have some good music finally again. And let's hope XL won't start to make money with re-releases.. that Experince Expanded shit was enough for me..
It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?


First of all, I think 'It came from Afrika' is just shit, but a lot of people were very excited about the new record, JuGe, could you describe it a little further? Do they sound like on the last album? Or back to the roots? Or new? Or what?
And when can we expect the new album to be released? The last date I had, was something about October?

And I wouldn't mind if Liam would not release a single.
I mean, they are going to, but it would be nice to have a mild
outro for the Prodigy, I don't like all the attention on the band.
I liked it how it was before they got really big, in the Jilted times... *sigh*...

Anyway, even if Liam did shit all the time and we get a crappy record, I would anyway always believe in him.

Tradition IS a tradition

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