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What Evil Lurks

Started by Arie van der Wende, October 29, 2001, 01:46:06 PM

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Arie van der Wende

This was written in a previous topic and I thought I would make it a new one. User what_evil_lurks wrote:

by the way, does anybody know why xl recordings has never re-release what evil lurks? they would earn many money, don't you think??

I wonder what makes you think that if XL-Recordings would re-release it that it would make them a lot of money since this is absolutely not true in my opinion. What Evil Lurks is about ten years old now. Released back in 1991 it was an underground tune. Nowadays it wouldn't score high at all.

The only people who would really buy it I would say would be the fans. Probably not all fans even, but only the more die-hards lets say and the collectors. But would the nowadays DJ's buy it? I really doubt it. Like I wrote above, it wouldn't score at all with the public when played at a club for instance.

If they would release it still for people like you and me, wouldn't that make it less rare? Okay, they could release it with different labels on the item et cetera, but still it would make the original less rare, no? On a side note, I must say that 'rare' is a big word for this item.

And if they would re-release this item, then wouldn't that take it from underground to 'aboveground', wouldn't it make the record a commercial release? What Evil Lurks was never meant to become a commercial release in the first place hence it is only pressed on about 7000 copies.

Do you think that the people who pressed the different whitelabels did that for DJ's, for all the non-fans, or do you think that they did that for you and me? Personally I think that the reason why they pressed them is to make money from it. Who's money? Yours and mine, not the money really of others, only the money of the fans, the collectors.

Like I wrote above, this record isn't that rare anymore nowadays. I bought my copy ages ago for quite some money, but I've seen them cheaper, but also more expensive nowadays. It's a matter of looking good enough really and you don't have to pay that much for it - For an original copy I mean of course.

Whitelabels... A plague really if you ask me. But thankfully easily to recognize from the original always - except when bought through the Internet sometimes if you don't ask the right questions. I've seen fakes for sale for 50 Pounds Sterling and people buying those...! Unbelievable!

Still, even I buy the whitelabels too since I collect them all. I now have an original What Evil Lurks, two different whitelabels, and one official release of Android on another label. On a side note, this item is the same as What Evil Lurks, but with the A-side and B-side switched.

In short, my thoughts are these... What Evil Lurks is easy to get, but you might have to pay quite a lot for it which isn't always neceserry. Look hard enough for a cheaper one. And if you find a cheaper one, make sure it's not a fake one. Making a lot of money of it? I doubt it; see the whole story typed above.

What is your opinion? Share your thoughts below...!



 ;) ok, arie, I know what you mean,even , I already have this fucking record since 1997 (after many time wondering how it was going to sound!), but I refer to all those music fans who would buy this record,in my own case, I love prodigy's rave era but I also like other artists of the same time as well,so I do not want xl recordings to re issue xlt 17 and make it less valuable for all the collectors like us, but in my opinion it would be a good idea to re issue what evil lurks on a cd single limited edition for all the fans who have supprting them through almost a whole decade...
of course, with the same xl sleeve that their regular releases had... but I know that this is not possible so don't take it so seriously :) :)
And prodigy is mainstream though it we don't want them to be, I also remenber the jilted times, when they were mentioned mainly for their great music, not for the things that keith does or if liam is touching his balls at his home :D
please, a new single soon! ekko, music is to be listened and to be enjoyed, not to be talked about (ok, also to talk about it, but not all the time!!!!)
liam is a bit lazy nowadays... 8)


They were thinking about giving re-issues away of What Evil Lurks with some copies of Music For The Jilted Generation, but for as far as I know they never did. I don't know why really they were planning on doing that since it doesn't sound great to me. But in the end I don't think that they ever did since I never heard about it anymore. I think they just canned the idea. Maybe with the next album although I really, really, really doubt it.


There are so many whitelabels of What Evil Lurks going round that it wouldn't make such a difference if they would re-release it. Thing is that now you can still see the difference between an original and a whitelabel. Maybe if XL-Recordings would start to re-issue items like they have done before, then the border between original and re-release will fade away and that would be a shame I think.

Thus far I've found two different whitelabels of What Evil Lurks. One is an obvious fake, the other is more hard to discover, but if you know what to look for it's fine. All the people I know have only reported these same two whitelabels going round, so it seems like these really are the only two fakes for now. The quality is less than the original, but for some fans it might be a good thing that they do exist.

There is also still the book Music For The Voodoo Crew... or is it Voodoo People? I always mix those two up by heart. Included with the book is What Evil Lurks on CD. The quality is the most poor recording I've ever heard, but it's also a good way for some fans to obtain these tracks. Only with the first releases of the book you could get the CD. XL-Recordings made a fuss about it since the CD was a bootleg and the makers had to remove the CD from the package.

But What Evil Lurks isn't they only record to be bootlegged. Charly has been released on whitelabel as well. I found out by accident myself. A friend said he stocked Charly again, so I checked it out. The record was in a black sleeve, but that doesn't say it all of course. Looking at the catalogue numbers it was clear that it was a whitelabel.

Just some What Evil Lurks history for the ones interested ;)


>>ekko, music is to be listened and to be enjoyed, not to be talked about (ok, also to talk about it, but not all the


Sorry, don't get this one.

WHAT? Liam is touching his balls???

Tradition IS a tradition


Oh, did you mean it like:

ekko = as an application analysis ?

Got it then!

Tradition IS a tradition


you're to clever for me ekko, thanks ;)


Tradition IS a tradition



Yes! Absolutely.
But no, there was something with ass in it, so, noooo.

Fafanapoli, eh

Tradition IS a tradition

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