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B*D*O 2009 Auckland

Started by dred21180, April 06, 2011, 04:29:13 PM

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I remember hearing the Prodigy for the first time and thinking out loud 'Thats what the Fuck I'v Been Searching For, Fuck all that Other Shit...I"M IN'...!!!
And ant neva looked Back Since!!!
Seen You Lad's Twice Now, the First 1997 & last time 2009, they were both at Ericsson Stadium B*D*O... 
Last time I caught you Fella's Was a Fuckin Mission...
I had Just come out from Watchin an Old Skool Player that I have Admired ever since I was a wee tyke Growing up,
Mr Neil Young, saw em right through While You Fella's was up at the Super Top he was down on the Paddock, Figured I'd seen ya's once b4 down there in 97 n I Guess I Wont ever get the chance ta See This Dude live for awhile yet, the Living Legend that Neil Is... 
There was no way I was gonna get through to you Chaps the way every one else went, the long way round,
So as we was walking frue from under the Grand stand this fuck'n Huge Brod Hulk of a Security Guard went Past Me, optunity a Knockin I Grabbed Hold of me Mate's shirt n Snaked it through the Crowd behind this Tank Buffalo,
I taped em on the Shoulder n Said "Kia Ora Bro, You a Tongan - Nah Samoan aey G". He replayed with a Kind Smile & in a gentle as voice, "Yes I'am Samoan"... "Chur Brotha", I replyed, "Just hitchin Us a Ride Bro", he turned es head again back ta me with a Grin n reckoned  "Well You ant a Dumb falla now is ya" with a hearty laugh in tow.
I'm tellin ya, even if you did-dint have room to move in the mob, ya see this Big Dude a Commin n you got the fuck outta his Way YO!!!
What would take the normal punter five minutes to weave through the bustling, ass grabbing an titty touchin, Crowd only took us one...
first obstacle of three more yet to crack, Was outa the way...
Next in store for me n me Chum's was the first of two Fences dividing the back of the grand stand and to the left hand side entrance to the Boiler Room/Super Top,  still following Big Boy...
"Nah Sorry Mate You Cant go Through" said the first Dude at the Gate, "I'm

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