anyone got old shows?

Started by steve, July 11, 2002, 02:17:46 AM

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awhile back i found some old gigs @  amnesia, book of love, big love, dance nation eclipsea back from like 91 and 92 and they're sweet.  anyway they're real audio and are pretty shitty quality. i wondered if anyone had  these or any other old school gigs?


Yes man, I got this lives in Real Audio but 2 of them in Mp3.I think (I don't remember...o I'll pot when I take a look to my CDR's ) the 2 gigs in Mp3 are Big Universe and Amnesia House. There are very very good lives....but I would like to get (and  I think u too) their Live @ Labirythm.That would we a great material don't think ;)




yeah first show ever.
itd blow my mind to hear it
too bad nobodys got it  :-[

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