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Any1 record Prodigy set @ Seat Beach Festival

Started by trigger, July 07, 2002, 10:05:36 PM

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i started listening to the interview but it kept on rebuffering so i gave up :-[ :-[
best thing about the interview was keith saying they were building up for reading and reading was going to be a big show for them

hopefully this means a few new tunes

 ;D ;D
this babys got a temper
you'll never tame her
sell me your soul and i'll give you power
sell me your soul and darkness will rule



The link for the interview stream is not working.
Is there an mp3 or real audio file available.


it is working but you need to have windows media player



The link works fine.
I recorded it to .wav it sounds more clear and louder.

Let's Get Zooted!!!

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