itv @ the festivals

Started by antz (to lazy to login), May 03, 2002, 01:12:23 AM

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antz (to lazy to login)

if any one in the UK happened to tune into itv at around 2am last nite you'd have tuned into ITV AT THE FESTIVALS which showed a few Prodigy tracks from Reading 199?, I unluckily tuned in on the last minute and managed to view chapter 2 of Poison which looked and sounded amazing (I wish I could have seen more) - if anyone managed to record the whole 'prodigy' broadcast, I'd love a copy of the tape so please contact me and I'll sort you somethin out in return...



I havent got them recorded but ITV show these quite often ive seen Prodigy on that episode about 3 times this and last year.

antz (to lazy to login)

really? great! Hopefully I'll catch it next time round...


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