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winditup (how did he get the beats so chunky?)

Started by mike, July 10, 2004, 01:57:56 AM

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I use a tracker (med soundstudio) been stressing over my bad beat designs. I know liam combined pitched up breakbeats and drummachine patturns. I was listening to winditup real closely and I think I've sussed it out

you've got like a main breakbeat going but you can also hear a (lowpass) filtered breakbeat underneath. plus you can hear some TRxox snare sounds panned to the left (could be the right)... am I right?

cause when ever I try this technique it just sounds shit.

also out of space beats are just as chunky as winditup... any clues? hints?


also in the outofspace beats you can hear like a low rumbling sound to phatten it up, could this of been done by madly pitchbending upanddown low sinewaves?


out of space has chase the devil rhythm as a background, lowpass filtered?


the low rumbling may from pitching up a really bass-heavy noisy old school hip hop break. some old break that had some massive 808s and stuff layered with it originally. he probably also used 909ish kicks that he run through lots of low booming reverb.

chase the devil (max romeo) is the reggae track in out of space, but its high passed and not contributing much rhythmically. sounds mostly like two hip hop breaks and some 808 snare rolls, maybe a few other hits.

in rave music like this with pitched up breaks it can be helpful to pitch down the song to hear the breaks closer to their original sound for a better idea of where they came from. i've attached a bit of both..

wind it up sounds like just one break layered with a snare... as for what the original hip hop producers or whatever did to the breaks to make them so huge, i've no idea... it may be worth looking into.

oh yeah, this thread is 6 years old, lol, hope it's of interest to someone anyway..

nevermind, i haven't attached them, the attachment system blows.

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