Started by LiamB, November 26, 2001, 03:27:10 PM

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little thought...
Maybe nobody see (rather hear) this like I do, but from my poin of view every little sample, every song that was source of samples from Prod's tracks is such a kool thing. Whan i hear Ultramagnetic Mc's songs I'm so into it. I'm not afraid to say that all this shit is simple The Prodigy. It's music of Liam Howlett, not just that sounds that he's making in his studio but also inspirtion. Every time i hear RATM or Public Enemy i hear Liam's music, every time i see clip to "Humpty Dance" i think about Keith and Leeroy just dancing in wild style! "Paid in Full (coldcut remix)" remind my that old rave underground at it's best. Dose anybody feel atmosphere kickin' in Dirtchamber Session? It's a  killah! So phuckin' yeah, this is the Prodigy style and no one can take it frome us! keap the core! pace, respect and one love .\ /_
slute (in military way :P)!
..:: LiamB ::..  :P


It's very good, yes, I never heard a mixalbum like this.
I used to like the Chem's mixalbum much, but only after I heard it a lot to get used to, Liams album is more detailed and as I might say, you get the same level of details and tricks that he also shows off in his own music. It's not comparable though, but I think you know what I mean.
I don't care if he cheated, you know, by putting it all together later on his Harddisk, it still is Prodigy.
I heard some poeple didn't like that, it obviously isn't respected too much. But I think one shouldn't mind, as long as you get a great result. And still it's his own work.

I 'love' the picture where he lies on the floor in the Dirtchamber, on that pillow, with that godlike SP1200 in front of him, all the vinyls beside. I'm really getting that mixing-mood when I'm having a look at that picture..

And yeah, I guess I know what you mean, I use to kinda feel that old spirit when I'm watching Leeroy dancing on the E-punks video.

Prodigy are very real I think, I don't know which band carries this "we are friends and don't pretend to be"-feeling as much as they do.
Tradition IS a tradition

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