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Excellent Strings

Started by Stuff, November 18, 2002, 11:39:01 AM

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Liam used the Roland U-220's for strings in "Everybody in the Place" and "Out Of Space". And that Sound Module has been claimed to be Liam's favorite for string sounds.
I wonder if the strings in: No Good (Start The Dance), Break and Enter, We Are The Ruffest, The Heat (The Energy), Rhythm of Life (Original Mix), Religion (The Prodigy Trance U Down Mix) etc belongs to the U-220 too??
I think it's the same string sound in all these songs (and maybe in some more songs by the Prodigy). But the strings in these songs doens't sound exactly like the strings in "Everybody In The Place" & "Out Of Space", but could it be the U-220 anyway?


The U-220 is a Roland-machine, all those synths share the same sunds over and over again.
You mean the Jupiter Strings, you'll find them on every pieve of equipment using the Roland Sound Canvas- samplebanks.
Creative Labs sound cards for example use the RSC as well, Microsofts build in Synth-emulator too.
But the U-220 sound a little unique, due to the different architecture to the JD-990, for example. Same strings (you'll notice), but slightly different sound due to the different signal flow. Plus, Liam didn't use the Jupiter's dry, he putted some Chorus and Reverb on them, and he changed the attack-time.
(They sort of fade in), that's why they sound different.

I personally think, that the best sound of them is on Break and Enter. Very thin (in relation to Out of space) but very intense.
Tradition IS a tradition


I have to agree there, the string sound on Break & Enter (And the whole Jilted- album) is the best synthetic string sound I

DJ 2000F

Is it the U-220 he has used??????
or is it only the Roland Jupiter 8 and/or Super Jupiter (rack)?

I am VERY interested to know!!! :)

The string sounds on "Ruff in the Jungle Bizness" and especially the "Uplifting Vibes remix" (from the Out of Space 12" b-side) has the most FANTASTIC sounding strings ever!!!!! Is this the U-220 or the Jupiter 8? The strings on the remix has en extremely fast but suttle vibrato on and it sounds amazing.


News flash the u-220 is totaly shit house. the strings are ok but totaly outdated why the hell even metion this old machine ???. you must not have it because if u had it u would give it away for free as i did its just that bad !!. if u do have it sell it !!

i went to sime guys on these board's web site

ummm, how old are those tracks ?

if your serious about making good music you might wat to make the quailty a LOT better because the bit rate sucks big time. other than that they still need a bit of work, ok alot of work.

i was gonna add some stuff on them with my virus KB but the quaity was so bad i didnt even bother.

if any one like ekko who seems cool has any songs they have done post them so we can all listen. but dont bother if they sound bad



I guess we have a new friend in this place.
Welcome to this board Zion (but i assume you've dropped some posts here before? though not in this name, me being suspicious ;).

You're right about the U-220. But i got mine almost free, and the strings are really nice if you use them right (low velocity or it sounds shite), so what the heck..

And oh, thanks for the positive vibes about my tunes ;). You're right about their age, did them back in the 90's (some of them even before the Access Virus was released).
The bitrate on the songs sucks because you can't upload tunes more than 2 MB on that place. Though it's still better than nothing for me.
And i have hard to imagine a 7 minute song compressed to 2 mb mp3 - still with high-quality sound!

Looking forward to hear some of your tunes (with the 'magic' virus kb), it really seems like you know your stuff so they can't sound as bad as mine, huh?


DJ 2000F

Zion, WTF!?!? What happened!?!? Not sure I understand what you mean nor your English, mate.

Anyway, can anybody out there help me with my question?

Does he use a U-220 or 'just' the JP-8/Super Jupiter?

@Stuff; where have you heard/read that Liam uses a Roland U-220?

DJ 2000F


QuoteStuff; where have you heard/read that Liam uses a Roland U-220?

Everywhere :-)  I have some pictures of Liams rack with the U-220, i've read it in the book by Martin James, and you have to check out the awesome 'Equipment' section on Juges site (click: Musicians --> Equipment).
If you're looking for the 'natural' strings Liam used so much it's the U-220 you're looking for.
I have some other Roland modules with strings, and they sound lame compared to U-220. But remember no hard velocity, play pretty soft if you want to have this special "Jilted" vibe.. The U-220 also has internal Reverb and Chours, so you can add some nice stuff without an external FX-box.

I think it's definately worth to buy. And it's really cheap nowadays (due to it's age, it came out in 1989 :).
There is also a Roland-rackunit called U-110 which is quite similar to the U-220. So i don't think it's a disaster if you only are able to get a 110 (they may even be cheaper).

If you get the chance, play it before you buy it so you'll know what you get.
Maybe unnecessary information; but when i first got my U-220 the "G-Force" string sound was number 066 and 067, and the strings we're talking about! had number 068 and 069.



Stuff, mate - you?re brilliant!!!!! Cheers!

And really cool with the program number information - I?m a sucker for those strings. Thanks again! :)



hay DJ 2000F i was talking to stuff not you, understand now ??? mate ???



Hello new here :)

About "Weather Experience" it has some really exelent strings, anybody knows or can guess what strings in that track? More then one? Sounds like 2 different sounds one more bassy and one stringy or is it the same sound?

0.27 starts the stings :P wery beutiful  :P :)


Quote"Weather Experience"
Here's one more video with the same track.

Forward to 3.55 for some industrial sites + the Weather Experience track  :D


The strings on Break & Enter are SICK. Especially when they slowly get pitched up near the end of the song.

The strings on Fuel My Fire are actually better tho, imo. Did he use the same synth on that one?

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