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Started by Chef C, October 01, 2002, 04:28:17 AM

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Chef C

I was wondering if it is possible (with W-30 disks) to somehow convert them to a format on my PC to use in tracking programs???


That would be great.. I would also like to know if that's possible.. I just don't think so.. :(

Anyway.. do people have w30 song or sample disks here?
It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?


Well, SDISK can read all kinds of samplerdisks like the W30, write it to a file on your HD and back to disk again.
BTW, i'm not exactly sure what the differences are between v1.0 and v1.1, but they both are supposed zo work similar. I don't know what format it writes, though.

Then there's SMFW30, a small program giving you all kinds of utils like Wget, Wput, Wdir, delete, memo-edit, etc.
Unfortunately just a trial version - it can be used 10 times for free.

I found some disks on ebay, lately.
Sometimes people sell some disks per music mags.
Tradition IS a tradition


hey, i got a W30, and lot of disks full of shit some years ago just surfing sites likes those;

sure you'll find interesting stuff there!


How does the W-30 sequencer look like on the little screen??
I've always imagined that it looks like a stepsequencer in a tracker... because everything Liam has programmed on it seems so tight and "step by step". But that's just a thought.


Hello everyone, i'm new to the board.
I just bought a w-30 last week, Its my first synth. My god is that thing a bitch to figure out. I've been up five days straight and only now is it starting to make a teeny bit of sense, but not really :'(, and i look like a cross between grizzly adams and jabba the hut because of the thing.
 Not only that but instead of whistling tunes all day like i usually do, i'm whistling sound effects, whirring noises, and samples etc, etc. ;D

I got a load of floppy disks with it, and also the original ZeroG sample cd's, but i'll be damned if i know what to do with them.
I've been reading the manual so much, my eyes hurt, and its not making sense. Yeah, yeah, i know i'm a bit thick.
But does anyone know of a good page that explains the thing, simply. I don't have the patience of an adolescent Howlett. :-[


Hi man, yes its a bitch


Welcome Afrosticks :)


Cheers for the welcome boyas ;D and for the links.

I'm still in contact with the guy i bought it from, but i didn't wanna bother him when not even a week has passed. :)

"record everything IN to the machine" i don't even have a clue what you mean, as i still can't get it to record a simple "dum dum dum dum" beat. A little patience is all i need. 8)
Thanks for the links again, i'm gonna check em out now.

The Stickiness of the Frolands *tears whole afro out with one tug* ahem


In order to play with any sound you want you have to record it (in other words: "sample it") into the sampler first.  ;)

But maybe you received some good diskettes along with the W30 to play around with. I only got some outdated standard Roland Sound Library disks with mine so i prefer to use my own samples.

Good luck!

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