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Liams Live Sound

Started by PSyChnoSis RaYne, June 19, 2003, 06:40:41 AM

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PSyChnoSis RaYne

Hey everyone, I have a question about Liam's live sound. What does Liam run his synths,samplers,and dat through? Like does he use a special keyboard amp? or does he the/a PA system?  I've looked for like keyboard amps on zzsounds and musicians friend but they all are like practice/rehearsal type.

And on that note what would someone recommend as a decent like amp or pa system to run a setup similar to liam's through?

I am totally lost in the world of keyboard amplification but I would like to get educated on because I eventually want to get into it one day. Thanks in advance and sorry for the ignorance.


keyboard amps?? I prefer to call them mixers (or is there special amps for keyboards..?). He uses a 16-channel mixer on stage, Mackie CR-1604 (or maybe he has a 1604 VLZ-Pro by now).
Don't know if the DAT is connected to his live-mixer, but i've seen him adjusting the faders of the Mackie at live performances. Dunno much about PA but i guess all his keyboards, samplers and fx goes through his mixer.

Alekzander Acciid

all his gear his hooked to the roland w-30 and out to what i think is an 18 track mackie mixer.. then on to the marshal amps...


Well, as we know, Liam uses a DAT live, although most of this old information (with most comming form the Jilted-Era..) is just not true anymore, so, let's just say he uses a reliable hd-system. This way he might use more than the usual 2 tracks from the DAT-era, which gives more controllability over volume and FX and stuff.

And a keyboard amp is utter nonsense, instruments that need amps are instruments that have to be made equal to the impedance of the mixer their going in.

You might wanna use a pre-amp on keyboards though, if you have a kb that either has a weak max-volume or is broken and gets noisy when turned up louder.
A pre-amp looks is mostly a 19" studio-rack, like TL Audio, where you can insert and work with 4 signals at once.
They have no speakers.
Called pre-amps because they fit the i/o-impedances of mixers and instruments and they're often used as sound-shapeing tools. Good preamps are darn expensive and contain mostly valves instead of transistors. (Mindprint DTC is one of more known delicious pre amps..)

I'm not sure if liam still uses a 16-track-mixer..
Might be. Depends on how he works together with the other mixing guys on stage (FOH-mixer, getting the signals from Liam and making the sum for the audience out of it, and the monitor-mixer, who makes the monitor-mix for the band).
I really don't know how they work, but a good idea woul be:
Liam mixing stuff on 16 channels (where some tracks from the original studio-setup are combined), having FX and stuff in the inserts of the mixer, so he can filter and crank as he wishes, the mixer should be one, that has direct outs for every channel, those 16 channels are splitted into 2 x 16channels, so the monitor guy gets everything and the FOH-man as well, doing the final mixing.

Alekzander, what are your plans?
Are you thinking about a live-setup?
I would suggest having a good pc or better mac on stage or something that stores your single tracks (mackie-hd-system
Tradition IS a tradition

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