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Motu or Digidesign?

Started by brainstorm, November 15, 2003, 05:01:36 PM

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hi guys

please help me... i want to buy a new audio converter for my PC. but it is hard to decide whether Motu 896 or Digidesign 002 Rack. what do you think?

Ekko, do you know any information about these two hardwares?



brainstorm a.k.a. soundscape


Well, I guess I'm a tad late...  :-/

But either systems are good, it depents on the setup.
MotU ain't as good with the drivers and seem to loose the market-war against DD, so, I would go for the D002R, as it's futerproof (as most of the ProTools-hw is) and the ASIO-drivers seem to be stable under Steinberg and Emagic Sequencers as well.

Although, you should ask for a definite answer about the driver-thing (name the salesman your sequencer and version
and he might be able to look the latest product-info up), cause sometimes the ProTools-stuff is a bit ... erm .. exhausting ...  ;D
(Mostly when trying to set up the ProControl onto Logic, the stuff without control-functions work together quite easily).

I have to say though, that I don't know too much about the 896.

I would just mail to them directly, asking about driver-support and what sequencers it works with, if there were common problems aso.

Tradition IS a tradition


Oh, by the way:

Digidesign A/D D/A converters are always superb.
Tradition IS a tradition

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