What software do you use?

Started by fj, November 17, 2001, 03:51:23 AM

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Quotei recently switched to Logic 5 Platinum from Cubase SX (Logic is much better, trust me. at least for me
Tradition IS a tradition

Jonathan Jeerapaet

my complete setup: Roland W-30
                            Yamaha CS1X
                            Boss DR-202
                            Korg EM-1
                            Akai S20

Bring it back to hardware baby


I am equipped with:


Roland MC-303
Roland Alpha Juno 2
Roland R-8 Drum Machine
Roland MC-50
Roland TB-303
Roland S-50
Roland MA-8 Micro Monitor


Fruity Loops 3
Acid 4
Wavelab 4
Nuendo 1.6
Waves Gold Bundle

I know it is too late but i like to show off too, huehuhuehue.
Hi Ekko!

Could you explain how to run a MC-303 in Cubase or Nuendo? I connected them by MIDI cables through the joystick port. I can only sync my goovebox to the Fruity Loops.


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