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Buzz machine

Started by flightcrank, March 23, 2003, 08:13:20 AM

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i said in a diffrent topic that i dont like making music through software like frutiy loops, rebirth ect. they all look very good and fun but thay are so limited. with fruity you cann use vsti but i have found that even with this feature it is still limited. it cant sound any where near as good as actual hardware. the only synth i got is a roland juno 106 and it beats hands down any software synth i have ever used and it is concidered bigginers equpitment.

but ill let every one in on a little secret i found. BUZZ MACHINES, it is a software music creation program. it is NOT user friendly but the qualty of the songs that you can produce is a very high standard. it help ALOT if you know your way around music like "stuff" or "ekko" and it helps if you have used trakers.

you MUST download the 39 meg version so you get all the cool synths and drum machines.

as with all music programs the demo songs suck execpt for one


that song is included with the 39 meg version of buzz so u must get it. it is the best example of what can be achieved with this program. i would like to hear "stuff''s" or "ekko's" opinion on it :)

also i noticed the fan remix section on this website includes remixes that fans have made of prodigy songs with "trackers". "trackers" suck the sound quality is so poor it is a compleate waste of time. juge sould include buzz program files insted of trackers because the quality is unbeliveably good!!!

any way thats it later ;)


flightcrank, can you tell me more about that juno 106.
is it good or bad, whats your opinion, and what can you do with it??

can you tell me?


Youz want it, so here is it... :-)

Opinion on Buzz:

It's nice, it's complete, it's good for laptops, it's like the more clever version of rebirth and it just sounds good.
I used it for nearly a year and you can do fast and neat songs with it.
I had an older version, I should add. It's been a while.

If you want a good synth with a matrix try out  Reaktor from NAtive Instruments. Sure you heard about it, you can do all the wirering-things you can do in Buzz, and much more.
It's quite difficult though, takes a LOT of time to get into (I consider myself not that much of a highspeed-learner, so just give it a try, I got it together as well...).
And you can do things that will blow you away. Listened to the actual Crystal Method-Album? Much much software and very much Reaktor can be found.

I understand Flightcranks opinion on software and it's really a religious fight, like "Mac or PC?", "Logic or Cubase?".

I mostly use hardware, because I get more inspired by it, but I wouldn't say software is more limited than hardware.
In fact, hardware is.
A question of taste.
The thing pi**ing me off with that software-stuff is that it just is unstable as heck.

And to fruity loops:
It's more a toy, if you ask me, although it grows so heavy at the moment, it might become quite a cool software workstation soon.
And I ALWAYS use it for beats, because it's got the tightness of a MPC and no latency, which is, why it grooves like hell when programmed right (shuffle, stereo delay and volume envelopes!).
Simply the best software beatbuilder.
And you can work very fast with it, when you have to. Like me. A very nice 'under-pressure'-instrument.
Plus, plugin processing goes well, you can use it like a subgroup for drums and import the sliced up beats into Cubase or whatever sequencer you use.

Well, I love it.

It's a little bit like a software w-30, if you ask me... :-)

Cheers mates!

Tradition IS a tradition


I remember that I used a software called "Buzz Alpha" (v 1.5) back in 1998.
Buzz Alpha was actually the first s/w where I could play with 'real' reverbs and stuff like that. It was really impressing back in the days for a guy like me that was used to Fasttracker - with it's dry sound (imo FT2 is 'the W-30 software', I know I have used both :).
But I never really finished a whole song in Buzz, I was just fooling around with the FX and stuff. And at that time (1998) software wasn't really a 'proffesional' way to make music for me - Yes as a sequencer, but not as 'soundsource'. I focused on making noises with h/w like Akai S2000 and Juno-106.

So I haven't been into trackers since back in the 90's but I noticed that Buzz Machines is a newer version of my old Buzz Alpha.
It looks about the same but the soundquality is better in Buzzmachines (or maybe it's my soundcard that is better :). The demo track by this Dj Abflex was pretty good too. It's also a Swedish sample in it (from a tv-commercial for washing powder haha).

Yes man, Buzz is a cool program. It's a tracker that also are able to provide some fresh sounds. A good software as 2k trackers like Sk@le and Renoise but Alpha have synths!

Nowadays I'm using Fruity Loops very much for drums (thanks to Ekko's tips one half year ago). And the Granulizer in FR kicks ass too! For wicked drumhits or just for ambience sounds with a lot of reverb and things on it (recorded directly in to the Akai :-). But I'm not into creating complete songs only with Fruity.

BUT it's not about WHAT gear you use! It's all about how well you manage your gear!



F * U * C * K
I forgot to disable the smilies, well let's hope you all understand what the post says anyway.


QuoteF * U * C * K
I forgot to disable the smilies, well let's hope you all understand what the post says anyway.

There ya go ;)
It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?

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