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About Yourself...

Started by Inflicted, December 13, 2001, 10:47:10 AM

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7. i don't want to aswer the question ;)
8. erm... all my life is an interesting fact. ok. you first asked me! i warned you!
a) when i was 3 i drunk a bottle of a paper glue. (and thanks god i survived!)
b) i've escaped a hospital through the window to come back home and remix "rock'n'roll"... why? i got an inspiration!
c) couple years ago i had long hair (pretty weird for local people)
9. erm.. can't translate the question! hehe..
10. i've never seen any of original prodigy cds. my friend had to contribute his blood to buy an original prodigy cd. it's not a joke, but funny.. maybe.. it's a russian kind of humor...
11. oh... much of stuff... RATM, RHCP, Hardknox, Apollo 440...
12. Terminator 2!
13. erm...  acting like a fool....
14. with a dredger...
15. my brother bought first computer when i was 10... at least it has changed my life a lot...
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!


11. See an earlier thread about favorite music
12. No idea, sorry
13. I used to smoke, but quit last New Year's Eve
14. ICT Security Consultancy... What a coincidence, that's what I do for a living already ;p
15. Meeting my fianc


Almost every forum im registered with has a feature like this, so i thought id implement this feature on this forum. So post your...
1)Real Name Stefan Mihailov

2)City/Country Tulcea
3)Age 16
4)The first prodigy track you heard (dont lie saying 'android' or 'what evil lurks')
5)Your Favourite Prod album the fat of the land

6)Your Favourite Prod Track no good

Ill start...
1)Colin Cooper
4)Out of space
6)Their law (live)


1)Real Name:Vasilis Franstalis
4)The first prodigy track you heard (dont lie saying 'android' or 'what evil lurks'):Out Of Space
5)Your Favourite Prod album:Music For The Jilted Generation
6)Your Favourite Prod Track:No Good (start the dance)


jenny gartland

i 1st heard fire (sunrise version)at a birtday party
fave album=experience expanded
fave song=your love

pauly b


1) Paul Biddulph
2) Shrewsbury/England
3) 23(last week)
4) Charly (on a older friends rave tape about 2months b4 chart release)
6) close between Clautrophobic Sting & Mindfields.
7) Never sorry (the pace of it would put me right off)
8) I had star letter in Kerrang! mag in 1996 for a slight slating on the consent delay on FOTL, but from a FAN perspective of course!
9) My nan walking in on me just as i was gonna give a 21yr old beauty with massive jugs a


i couldnt be bothered answering all so
1. stuart evans
2.wolverhampton  (england)
4.out of space
6.out of space
7.joke- what has a women and a k.f.c got in common???????
once you've finished with the juicy thighs and the succulent breast all you've got left is a greasy bucket to put your bone in......... ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
this babys got a temper
you'll never tame her
sell me your soul and i'll give you power
sell me your soul and darkness will rule


Can't say that I liked the joke. Not really women friendly.


Martin James

Brighton/ England

Old enough to know better

What Evil Lurks


too many - right now? BGAT, I know, but I listen to it more than anything else just now. Apart from that... 'Out of Space', 'Mindfields', 'Diesel Power'

Fuck em, and their law
Read my biog....

Reading my biog

My biog


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