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Gonzales, anyone?

Started by Ekko, May 26, 2002, 02:54:30 AM

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I was out tonight to see Gonzales and I don't know what to say, really.
Maybe some of you know 'Take me to broadway', nice one, but not very close to what they sound like usually. It's more like the one track to be at least a bit chart-suitable.
Don't know where to start, they had a very cool 70's electro-sound, then sometimes more 90's HipHop-stuff and just everything, dunno.
But the one thing fascinating me so bad was this babe, Feist.
Okay, sorry, babe sounds no good here. It was the most cutest girl I saw for ages. And such a good voice, very trained.
The show was amazing, they were entertaining the crowd all the time, the dude (Chilly) put on more and more clothes over the show. At the end he was sweating like a pig and had like about 6 different pieces of clothes on.
The text and everything was so funny, and this chick went through the crowd (yes, there are still bands out there who do that) and gave me and my buddy the hand, I think I was blushing immediately...
We tried to get autographs later and searched everywhere for them, but their manager said: Nope.
So we tried to infiltrate the building from the basement, fortunately I job at this club from time to time, so I could get a way there, but they didn't let anyone in at the backstage area.

I then met them at a local food-store, lucky me!
And Feist gave me her hand again, ususally I'm not very shy, but I was shaking all over...
Finally got my autograph and talked to Feist wo seemed to be together with Chilly, as she said he might get a bit jealous.

If you wanna check them out, they are on the Kitty Yo label.
I think there are just one or two tracks at Audiogalaxy available, one is a coop with peaches called
Hot Pink Hot Sex, IIRC

Good to get it out...

Tradition IS a tradition

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