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Started by ChemicaL_OnE, January 14, 2002, 04:43:09 AM

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I always thought you were a woman, Arie, and I thought that neko was a man... sometimes nick's can be very confusing..

that's all


hehe,nice one:)

Btw. you wont believe what I came across the other day - The Prodigy Underground Archives that's supposed to be down. It's down now alright, but in the meantime it was up for about 2 days and I managed to DL about 400 MB from that site  :)  

There was the Minefields edit version up there for download and a whole bunch of stuff (but I didnt get to that :((

Arie, do you know the webmaster? Could you, like, tell him, to put it up again?  :)

I know It's stupid question, but I cant loose anything, really



Arie, do you know the webmaster? Could you, like, tell him, to put it up again?


Hm... dont know about that,Arie. I've really searched over hundreds of websites (no kidding),newsgroups, guestbooks, dreambooks, webrings...etc. and still havent found the tracks for download (Minefields (edit), Narayan (edit), Funky Shit (Edit & Remix), Charly (Video Version) ... etc.

These are all tracks I still dont have in my possesion. I would really like to get them somewhere just for my own satisfaction, I'm not a bootleger or anything. I dont even have my own CD-RW yet   :(  


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