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Started by Ekko, June 21, 2007, 02:05:35 PM

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I haven't been around since years... My oh my, it still looks the same.
It's pretty sad that this site seems dead, always appealed of all the Prodge-pages the most to me. Most hands on information, Juges perfect recherched lists of pictures, equipment and co.

So where are you peeps?

I am one to ask, I know. I just saw that my latest pn was from 2001, I have been missing since a looooong time...

Looks like Arie is one of the few 'regular' posters here.

Stuff still around? Zed? Evans? All the good people from around 2000?

I guess I lost a bit interest in Prodge since 2002 or so, and AONO certainly didn't help.

If anyone of you old school members is up for a nerdy tech chat, gimme a sign!  ;D

And JuGe... Man, you gotta do something with this page of yours. It always was the best of all the Prodigy-websites, so get yer arse up and spank it up right nice, willya??  ;D ;)

Cheers mates,
Tradition IS a tradition


Long time no see mate. Welcome back! I'm peeking in here every now and then. Most of the action is over at (moderator), followed by, (co-owner) and the official forum. I suggest that you head over to and register on the forum! ;)


QuoteLong time no see mate. Welcome back! I'm peeking in here every now and then. Most of the action is over at (moderator), followed by, (co-owner) and the official forum. I suggest that you head over to and register on the forum! ;)

Hey Arie...

Well, I kinda already registered everywhere, but the only place I hang out and post once in a while is Nekos, since brainkillers had a somehow rough start (strange people in the beginning), but it looks like all the good people are over there now.
The official board didn't look very well to me, but I guess I'll be checking in there too.
And hey, is new to me, let's see what Arie is up to over there...

Tradition IS a tradition



It's quite strange, but I come here really, really rare these days, now today it was just like a spark - I typed "" and here I am. The strange thing is that I feel like I'm genie and Ekko is the guy who rubbed the bottle :)

The reason I come here rarely is simple - Liam is a lazy bastard. He don't want to release any new material anyhow, and I suspect Juge has lost any actual interest for the band, just like I have. Of course there are some touring, news, "album will be released next year", "we are cool", and stuff, but it doesn't work for me anymore.

I check out Brainkiller, our Russian Prodigy site, and basically nothing else. Of course I'm running my own resource, but it's just my Prodigy remixes archive at the moment. Though I'd like to continue remixing and now it's quite possible, I don't have much hardware limitations as was years and years before. The thing I don't have now is the inspiration. And I'm sorry, Liam, I blame you for that. Gotta dig another one somewhere else.

As far as I know Juge has got some serious job and very busy these days. So, the site's been basically frozen for years. I quited ICQ some time ago and have not seen him online for the years. But I feel there will be a reason to contact him anyway.

What's about me else? I'm running some internet projects (,, other russians), supporting Renoise tracker team, and probably do something else.

It's great that you, Ekko, have put some message after these years, I'm glad to see you came back for a moment to the place we met. Would be cool to know how are you these days. And maybe there is a place (protocol) we can *keep in touch*.
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Nice to see you all!

I'm still alive and kickin' but all my other projects (works) are keeping me so busy  that I really don't have anymore that much time to keep updating this site like I used to do. But like all of you I have also quite disappointed with lack of new stuff from Liam. Maybe the record is finally comin' later next year. :) Anyways I'll of course keep this site up and running! This will be my heritage to all old and new Prodge fans out there.

I'm actually on vacation now so I'll try to make some improvements and updates..  There are still over 900 pages to work with and the updating is a slow process for me because of all old and crappy pages with their even crappier html-code.

All help to my pages is still welcome!

ps. I don't use ICQ at home atm but at work I'm always online.. so try to catch me on daytime..

pps. You can find me from too.
It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?



I don't believe it - the boys are still alive! Brilliant!
Tradition IS a tradition


Heh.... I recently read you posts at Neko's forum, and I think it's a very popular approach - blame Liam :D I just can't understard Liam, he's the one who has mostly destroyed Prodge fan base. It's sad to realize that there are fans based on a hope, but not a music. But hell with that.

I'm glad you have visited my small remix archive, and honestly, for some reason I  didn't count anyone visit the archive, I just want to have a place to put out some stuff, to keep it out of recycle bin. But I should say there is still a perspective since I upgraded my hardware. Of course it's not a big deal these days, but I didn't throw my dreams and ideas out of my head. Too sad I don't count on Liam anymore.

Reaktor... yeah, that's one of my *hobbies*. The first time I've used Reaktor practically is Carmen Queasy remix. I like to build some stuff, and I love to build simple and unusual/experimental things. And funny thing is that I still receive some ideas from time to time. The bad side is that I'm not skilled enough to put the whole thoughts in English.

Skype... erm... I've got some account... But I'm not really sure it's still alive, gotta check. I use Google Talk sometimes, pretty nice thing with an excellent sound quality.

Anyway, I've got a dozen reason to *comeback*, waiting for new Prodge release is bad way to be in touch. I'll try to be near. Skype or GT, there sould be way to avoid Liam's lazyness :)
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!


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