How much official albums have Prodigy?

Started by hahohihy, August 13, 2007, 11:31:59 AM

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We have a discussion with a friend, how much OFFICIAL albums they have ?


QuoteWe have a discussion with a friend, how much OFFICIAL albums they have ?
It all depends a bit on how you count ;)

There are four normal albums released, plus one best of release, which makes five albums in total:
- Experience
- Music For The Jilted Generation
- The Fat Of The Land
- Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
- Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005 (released as both single as well as double CD release)

Liam Howlett released a DJ mix album in 1999 called The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One, so that would make six albums if you want to count it. Personally, since it's a DJ mix album, I don't see it as a Prodigy release.

Besides the four albums, the best of release and the DJ mix album, there are several other official album releases:
- Experience: Expanded (Remixes & B-Sides), which is a remastered re-release of Experience, but with a bonus CD with remixes and B-sides, as the name already suggests
- Selected Mixes For The Jilted Generation, which is a Japanese release which contains remixes and B-sides of singles which came of the album Music For The Jilted Generation

But in short, there are FOUR real albums, ONE best of and ONE DJ mix album.

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