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The Prodigy songs you don't like

Started by Breathe_with_me, November 12, 2001, 09:10:40 PM

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Please don't say stuff like "I love everything that Liam ever touched, how could I not love all of his work?".

I guess that you don't like all of the prodigy stuff... I'm not saying that there is a song you hate, but that there is a song that is your least favorite one...

OK, I'll start... I really don't like Out of Space, I'm not much into Experience.


death of prodigy dancer.
complete shit.
why liam?
it would be better that he put up crazy man or pandemonium.
fucking idiot.
liberty and justice for all


Hoho, you really don't like it...

But Crazyman was after Experience, wasn't it? Pandemonium was very cool, yepyep.

I don't like -please don't freak out on me- Firestarter.
It's harmless. I don't like the vocals, I don't like that shitty drumloop that even I have here on my computer, I don't like that silly repeating Breeder's sample and I don't like all the fx in it.
I really don't get where exactly this track kixx ass, I guess at least half of the fuzz was just about the vocs, can't imagine why else.
And it's not that I don't like Keith singing on the tracks since then, I loved Serial Thrilla for example.

Tradition IS a tradition


ok, in my humble opinion 8) out of space and firestarter are one of the outstanding prodigy tracks.I agree with the guy who said that not everything that Liam has made is good but almost everything!! :D
the worst tracks for me are:we gonna rock(logically, we can't blame on him),ruff in the jungle bizness and serial thrilla but i'm not saying that I hate them...
the best for me are:no good,out of space,breathe,smack my bitch up,everybody...,their law,charly alley cat,narayan and full throttle among others.
otherwise, there are several remixes made by other artists to the prodigy that are a failure-dj hype's ,genaside II's.
I would also like to remark liam's remix of front 242's religion (trance u down mix), this remix is incredible!!


Oh, forgot one:

No good -  don't like it either, I can totally stand it, but it does not have a cool vibe I think.
Plus: All the girls love that track
Tradition IS a tradition


i hated (spelling might be a bit off) casanova (man i cant spell)

Annoys the shit out of me


death of prodigy dancer.
complete shit.
why liam?
it would be better that he put up crazy man or pandemonium.
fucking idiot.

I like death of the prodigy dancer. I think you dont like it cause its live, i recently downloaaded breathe live from MTV and


I like all tunes, but yes, some better than others of course.

I would say that I like Weather Experience (Top Buzz Remix) less than other tracks. I like the piano parts a lot, but the beats in between just don't do the trick of making this a great tune. The version on The Prodigy Experience though kicks in I think. I like it a lot.

Firestarter isn't one of their best tunes either, I must agree. Breathe is better in my humble opinion. Serial Thrilla sounds good, but I would classify it like Firestarter and Fuel My Fire - maybe I'm not that 'rockish'...

Something which everyone seems to forget is the American remixes of tracks like Out Of Space and Wind It Up. The first mentioned is a good track. The Techno Underworld Remix does the trick for me and I think I like it better than the original, but both are nice. The Millenium and Celestial Bodies Remixes are way less. The same goes for all the American remixes of Wind It Up, although some of those are better than others of course.

Every week or maybe every month I have a few tunes which I listen to more than to others. Charly, Jericho, Break & Enter, Funky Shit just to mention a few are all high on my list of most listened to tunes. My fianc


I just HATE Firestarter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  >:(         I also dont like Diesel power so much...


QuoteI also dont like Diesel power so much...
I personally like Diesel Power quite a lot. It has this slow, but ongoing rhythm and rhyme which makes this a very nice tune in my humble opinion. Of course opinions may vary from person to person. I like the Dirtchamber Remix of Diesel Power less though.


IMO tunes that kick ass: Their Law, Poison, Narayan, Funky Shit just to mention few. I didn't like the Experience stuff first but now I've changed my opinion about it. Out of space and Fire are just grrreat.  ;D

I have to say that it's hard to find crappy tunes. But here's few that I don't like at the moment: Molotov Bitch, Scienide, Rip up the soundsystem.  ::)

What makes Prodigy different from other bands is the extremely high quality of releases. It's just amazing, 3 albums, and lots of singles all overally so high quality that no other band could do it IMO. There are a lot of bands that can make one or two very good singles or one great album, but three albums, no way.


Yeah, that's the main-point, I think you're absolutely right there, it's the vast amount of releases that -even if not highest Prodigy-standart- are on a amazing level, qualitywise.

And I have to agree here too:
Poison, Narayan, Funky Shit and Break & Enter are the favourites of my favourite bunch of Prodgetracks.
Tradition IS a tradition


i don't like one love or was it your love .....(it has video)
check it out


I dislike the following songs:

The Trick
3 Kilos
Rip Up The Sound System

Yep, These 3 songs annoy me to hell!


I don't like much Firestarter, Breathe, and some remixes, i even don't want to remember and type it. :P
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!

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