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what have you been listening to?????????

Started by evans, July 02, 2002, 02:19:23 AM

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i was wondering during the 4 and a half year gap between singles what has everyone been listening to??
me i've been listening to mostley happy hardcore
this babys got a temper
you'll never tame her
sell me your soul and i'll give you power
sell me your soul and darkness will rule


This topic looks a bit like another one we've had. Anyway, I've been listening to Prodigy mostly ;p You should also take a look at the happy hardcore topic somewhere around here. Our old sh** is your new sound ;p


this (whole albums):

Apollo 440 - Electro Glide In Blue
Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine
Lock Stock & 2 Barrels OST
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!


Loads of different stuff, but these two albums are higher than the others..

It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?



ROni SIze - New Forms
J5 - Quality Control
you've got to open up your eyes and see the light


Everything from Dj shadow  ;D
J5,quannum...more hip hop based stuff

also Primal scream, Rage against the machine.


'i dont rmember what i've been doing in the last 2 years'



yeah, only real love can ruin such a great topic! thanks! i'm jealous now!
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!


mostly monotrack techno like
Marco Remus, D.A.V.E The Drummer, Dynamo City, Acid Kings, Imatran Voima, Hardnoise etc etc... and also my brothers work wich is one of the best artists i've ever heard !!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D
...CRACK 'N' ROLL...

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