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liam's demo tape

Started by steve, July 23, 2002, 01:50:07 AM

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ive been reading martin james' new book for a few days now and he discussed how 4 of the tracks on liams demo tape were the track on what evil lurks.  there was  also a more reggae version of charly on it without the cartoon voice.  i wonder what other tracks were on the tape that liam gave to xl and keith.  id kill to here these tracks  ;D  anyone know anything else about liams demo tape or any rumors bout em?


Martin James asked Liam Howlett about the tracks on this demo cassette and Liam replied that he didn't know which tracks were on there anymore really. Martin promissed me that he will ask Liam about the titles again. That's all I'm allowed to say about it for now.


allowed to say?? you know more?? how come your holding out ?? :'(


There will be a full tracklisting hopefully on my web site soon, but when I can't say. I'm waiting for a reaction from Martin first since I don't want to publish wrong information. I know the titles of all tracks from the demo cassette except one at the moment and I also hope to find out the missing title via Martin from Liam.


how do you know all the track names? have you heard the tape before? if so whats it like?

LiamB *lazy

i'm lookin forward Arie to see it on your site, and yeah i would do anything for that demo-tape ... anyway arie if u could send me the track list via e-mail? or just post it here on forum ;D


Haven't heard the cassette. Liam Howlett claims that he doesn't have a copy of it anymore and no one seems to know much about it really. I personally think that a higher placed person at XL-Recordings has the cassette and Martin James seems to agree with me on that. A good friend of mine asked Liam about it once and Liam came up with nine titles out the supposedly ten tracks. Another guy I know asked Liam about this as well around the release of One Love and back then Liam only mentioned eight out of ten tracks, but they match the list which I got from that other friend. That's all there is to say really besides that both people are reliable sources in this and that now I'm waiting for a reply from Martin.


Arie thnx for your info. I'm waiting 2... but this is little strange... Liam dosen't have the copy of his demo tape? or mayby Liam whats to releas it in future... would be great! :P


This is really intresting stuff.
Arie, Have u heard anything from Martin James about the demotape yet?
It seems like you have some of the track names, could you give them to us?


I know nine out of the supposedly ten tracks by name. I haven't heard from Martin James for ages, but maybe that's because of his account problems (see Neko's web site). I need to be in touch with him again before listing the tracks. I should write him another e-mail since he didn't reply to my last ones. I'll write him soon.


hi  there i think i have one of liams demo tapes that you are after. i lived with keith in 1990/91 and was given it before i played congos for them in 1991. if you want to know more e-mail me.


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