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Started by ChemicaL_OnE, December 20, 2001, 07:48:31 AM

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Hahahaha  ;D

Hellouuu,ppl. Do you know for how long am I on the net? I've been online 8 hours and 9 minutes and it's still counting. You know what was I doing? I was looking for Prodigy rarities and promos... the usual... I found the following:

Smack My Bitch Up - US Promo
Mindfields CDR on Maverick
Firestarter Promo and MFTJG Japanese Edition
Music For The Voodoo People - The Book
The Fat Of The Land US Promo
Instruments of Darkness - PROMO!
Art Of Noise (Prodigy RMX included)
No Good Promo!
Dirtchamber Promo
Mindfields - Monkey Mafia Whitelabel
Some mega-rare compilation that's including Android
Front 242 Promo!!

Well, Arie, you were right: "patience and time is all it takes." - I didnt believe it @ first but now I do.

I'm really nervous right now cause I havent slept over 36 hours and my brain is like in another dimension and I really cant pay close attention to anything (btw. I should be studying for my exam right now:)) get it? LOL

I cant BREATHE very well either cause I smoked like a 4 packs of cigarettes. I know thats NO GOOD for me, but I cant help it really. It's not like it's POISON or anything, I just feel lethal, on the verge of frenzy. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip. Should I FIRE up another one? Oh, shit I dont have a lighter. Can somebody FUEL MY FIRE for me? Ekko, my good man, do you happen to have any SCIENIDE on you? Hm... I met this really anoying old lady today. I almost SMACKED THE BITCH UP! She was talking and talking, she just couldnt stop. When she finally finished she asked me if EVERYBODY IS IN THE PLACE. Then I said: How Da Fuck Should I Know?!
She got furios when I said that so she suggested we should walk the MINEFIELDS together. I was like:"Mkay. Lead the way." When we got to the army camp she said she just saw a head rock down the hill. I was like:"Lady, take a chill pill or sth." After I threw her into the mindfields, I turned around and saw this bunch of maniacs painted in black & white. I asked:" Who da hell are you, guys?!" They said:"Hello, we are the VOODOO PEOPLE." I was like:"Oh,no. You're going to stab me now and do all sorts of voodoo shit to me, right?!" They:"No,af course not. We'll just put you in a bug fuckin' suitcase and roll you down some hills, thats all." Then I started to run. I run as fast as I could and ended up in an Alley. While I was trying to hade from the VOODOO CREW, I saw this cat wondering around. I asked her what is she doing here and she said that she FORGOT TO TELL HER MOMMY BEFORE SHE WENT SOMEWHERE. I asked her why did she run away like that. She said she was going to hook up with Joey Beltram but instead the only thing she was hooked up with was the bloody Alley. I was so sorry for her that I had to give her a name. I named her CHARLY (The Alley Cat Mix). Then, out of nowhere I saw this man BREAKing&ENTERing in this apartment nearby. I was like:" You cant do that." He heard me and said:" Shut up kid or I'll break you down to earth,u u uuuuu." Jesus Jones, I thought, I dont need another one on my back so I went away. I went to get my car and decided to go to London. I was out of gass pretty soon so I had to stop at a gas station. As I was fillin' up my tank, I saw a special kind of fuel "DIESEL POWER '97". I got really interested plus the tank of the fuel was in this CHAMBER that was really covered with DIRT. Anyway, I did what I had to do,payed for the gas (7000


Well, Arie, you were right: "patience and time is all it takes." - I didnt believe it @ first but now I do.
Well done :) Congrats! :)


Haehaehae and it's all good!

Thanx for the good vibe
Tradition IS a tradition


Ekko, np  ;)

Im usually like that when I dont get much sleep. Anyway this was like my x-mas present to you guys. Im going away in about an hour (to the looney bin :)) so see you all in 2002!

merry x-mas & a happy NY.


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