Glory to Leeroy Thornhill

Started by free_your_mind, December 19, 2001, 09:25:18 PM

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Man, if you ask me the prodigy won't be same with him or without him. He maybe didn't do anything for music but i highly doubt that noone of his ideas wasn't used.
He was also the best dancer in Prodigy.
But the main reason why he left is (i suppose) that he wasn't so popular like maxim-frontman, or flint-crazy man, liam-writer, and he wanted to prove all other ppl that he can do some music by himself and that he isn't  just dancer on funky shit.

So glory glory to Leeroy.

liberty and justice for all


Might be, but I believe the version he told us - that he was just too tired to go on, it must have been terribly exhausting.
Don't forget that he was having weed all time. I somewhere read, that he needed at least one giant spliff before he could go to bed.
Tradition IS a tradition


Whoa, weed you say? Hm... nothing new in that department.

Well, if u ask me, Liam is/was the least popular one. Or at least he likes to think so. He didnt get too much media attention until TFOTL and especially TDS. He likes to think of himself as a background brain of the band & and he doesnt like to show of either. I concider him very down to earth no matter what he seems like on TV/RADIO/NEWSPAPERS.

The media is just a load of bull and I usually have to check rumors/things/media publishments 2 or 3 times before I can take them seriously. The saying "dont believe the hype" has once again showed its meaning.

Thank's Ya'll ... can I get an applause for this?

Inoccent bystander:"YEAH,BRAVO!!! THATS MY MAN!" -CLAP-CLAP-CLAP!!!
P.S. Dont take everything seriously. (a.k.a Dont Believe The Hype)  :)

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