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Keiths Vocals

Started by Acid_Twin, December 03, 2001, 05:39:19 PM

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Heh, i gotta say, his vocals for me rock, they work really well.

Sure, his not got the most amazing musical voice in the world, but it works so damn well. Sarial Thrilla says it all :P



I think that Keith should go back to dancer role and give lyric part to Maxim.....


I agree. Maxim is 'stronger' in lyrics than Keith Flint is. Keith gives it his own touch which makes it fit in with the music quite well, but Maxim's voice just does the trick more if you know what I mean. Take Mindfields for example...

One Man Army

I love his voice!!! sure he is not a singer but he kick ass!!!!


maxim raps. keith is mainly a punk singer, if you dont like it, fuck off.


I like the collaberations with Keith and Maxim (Breathe, Trigger etc)
Maxims vocals on their law... OMG

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