Has anyone got pics of keiths relations?

Started by fj, November 05, 2001, 10:31:07 AM

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I wonder if they look like freaks 8)


Seen a picture of one of them in a magazine once; photo modell and quite nice. Wonder what she saw/sees in him... ;)


You can find some photos from Prodigy Online center @ www.prodigy.geomax.net  :D


Tradition IS a tradition


Yep, Im here.

I just shows up when I need to ;P

Ive got some really good pictures on my webby  ;D * and more to come!*


Already checked back and I love the pic where Keith was sooo young, looks like 19 or something.

It's so weird, he was such a babyface back then and now he's... wild.

But as Liam said, he looked way more manic and crazy when he had his hair long, after the live shows, totally exhausted, sweat all over, a hells creature.

Now it's more about style it seems.
Tradition IS a tradition

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