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Electronic Punks

Started by PoisoN, November 01, 2001, 10:41:04 AM

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And what is the name of track played in beginning and the end of electronic punks? (Definately not a prodigy)


Yes it is. I just rememberd that I have this track in mp3. ;D


QuoteDoes anybody know why electronic punks doesn't contain Fire's and Out Of Space videos?

Out Of Space is on there like Antz already replied. As for Fire, they weren't happy with the video clip so they left it off Electronic Punks like Antz wrote as well.

There are two ways of obtaining the video clip officially. One is buying the video The Video Chapter which is an XL-Recordings release, the other way is by buying a promo video of Fire. Or you could try to download it from somewhere.

QuoteAnd what is the name of track played in beginning and the end of electronic punks? (Definately not a prodigy)


Tell me more about the dave clark thing!
Tradition IS a tradition


QuoteTell me more about the dave clark thing!
Heard a tune on the radio once and I liked it a lot so I recorded it. After the tune was over they said that it was by Dave Clark and that it came from a 'Red Release'.

When Electronic Punks was just released I bought it, watched it and when I first heard Molotov Bitch on it I thought that it sounded really, really, really almost the same as Dave Clark or maybe it just was the same tune...

I tried to look up the older tape again, but I had recorded something over it. I did some research back then and I found out that there were several records by Dave Clark called Red 1, Red 2, et cetera, so I still didn't know a thing.

Basically that's all I did back then. Still haven't found out more really. But later on I also though that maybe they played Molotov Bitch and only mentioned Dave Clark because the tune before that was by him... Just an idea... But I don't think that I misunderstood...!

So, I would like to get in touch with someone who's really into Dave Clark to be able to find out how and what. It still puzzles me when I think about it. I think that the tunes were the same... or otherwise they were really quite alike...


Ah, okay.

I think I'll search around a little bit, maybe it's there somewhere.

Tell you if I get a result.
Tradition IS a tradition

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