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Login doesn't always work

Started by Arie van der Wende, October 18, 2001, 10:57:39 AM

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Arie van der Wende

First of all let me complement you with the forum Jussi, it's a very nice addition to your web site! One thing though, I login and then when I want to post it doesn't do it under my own name, instead I have to type in a name again. When I type my username 'Arie', then I get to hear that the name is already in use. The system sees me as a Guest still then. This only happens when starting a new thread and not when replying to an existing one. What do I do wrong or what is wrong with the forum?


It depends what browser you are using...  I have experienced something like that with new 6.0 browsers.. IE 6.0 has that stupid cookie thing.. you have to put your "security level" little bit lower if you are using IE6 cause it won't accept any cookies if you are using it with the regular settings.
It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?

Arie van der Wende

Internet Explorer 6, then there's the problem. Maybe you could write a login bar on top where now you can see 'name:' and 'e-mail:' The idea is that you can fill your username and password in there and then post your message. You can of course keep the other method of logging in as well. Good idea?


IE6 is indeed the problem. I have just tested the forum with IE5 and IE5.5 and there are no problems then.


You should put a little note at the login about the problem
Would of saved me some time and fustraction

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